Essay Sample on Italy: A Nation of Advanced Architecture & Style

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Date:  2023-01-12


Italy is an influence to all personalities, whether its citizens for those that are foreign. During the ancient period, Italy was known to have close ties with Greece making the nation one in a million when it came to knowing and understanding its advanced architect style. To make matters even better, Greece and the Romans shared identical means of construction, for example, rounded arches and curved buildings became the nation's dominant means of the building which has and is the current model f construction in Italy. Additionally, such an influence was spread from Italy to other European nations; therefore, making Italian architecture the discussion and theme of the paper.

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Indeed, ancient architects of Italian backgrounds considered essential aspects of inventing building models and systems as a means of perfecting or developing the style, equipment, and technology used earlier. With such methods of discovering new designs of technology without the harm of any member, Italy has received the connection and respect to have produced most of the prominent builders since time immemorial. Additionally, due to their contribution to the world Italian Architectures have produced some of the most recognized, blessed and established infrastructure in the world, for Casa del Fascio which was constructed by Giuseppi Terragni and the Skyscraper designed and built under the influence of Pier Luigi Nervi and Gio Ponti's Pirelli.

Ideally, Italian as well as global architecture has evolved and is changing due to time, technology as well as a passion among the architectures. Almost in the mid-20th century, most constructions in the Italian geographical construction and influence designed their buildings as a means of perfecting domestic satisfaction. An excellent example was the fact that the nation promoted the establishment of furniture, textile and wallpapers in the industry as a means of satisfying its clientele. Moreover, since raw materials such as iron, concrete, steel, glass and engineers were available the designs, and construction expertise grew by the day, making Italy one of the many founders of well-established constructions in the world.

Next, Italian construction/building culture is one that has attracted the attention of many nations such as the United States of America. Specifically, modern architectures promote modernist designs which help facts that examine, enhance, and support change within the society, traditional challenge of perception, and the means of improving its structure to meet the current political and societal guides. A good example was the establishment and the release of the prototype schematics of the skyscrapers by Antonio Sant' Elia during the First World War. With time and resources, the Italian architecture came to reality since the current professionals have deduced methods from the past and perfected them; hence, maintaining the contemporary architecture admired by millions of people.


Currently, Italian architecture which has been very influential with the constructions in the U.S. has and is considered as one of the greatest means of work since it is spread and celebrated in the rest of the globe. Moreover, the most supporting elements of architecture are the stylistic, technology, and use of ancient and modern resources to establish fantastic infrastructure. A good example was the spectacular effort of Archizoom Association in designing and constructing the super-architecture methodology to assist in transforming the ancient building into new modern sites. To conclude, with such passion and commitment into a culture that has produced some of the most appreciated building in the world, Italian architectures are evolving in a dignified and straightforward manner since they intend to preserve their ancient culture of construction.

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