Essay Example on History of America: From Great Awakening to Rebellions

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The history of America goes back to the great awakening before the revolution. Its history started to grow greatly following colonization by Britain. The revival originated from the camp meetings following the denomination the Presbyterian and the Methodist. Who held meetings every year. Apart from the church revivals, there have been other rebellions that have been witnessed in America. The revival by American women, African American, the American natives are examples of rebellions experienced in America. Below is a clear description of the history of the three groups mentioned above.

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American women fight for quality standards for fellow women and children. The American women rebellion began in the 1790s at the cities by the formation of Benevolent Associations to aid other women. The first group formed was by Mrs. Isabella Graham of New York in April 1800. She advocated for the relief of unfortunate widows and kids. (Booth, 2018) The formation of a relief society for widows and orphans was something very different for the nation. It was a story of the discovery of its own kind. A great search for glory landed to pain the suffering. Mrs. Isabella Graham pioneered for the opening of schools and homes for women and children. Men could not allow the female to establish such undertakings. A society made of young ladies was difficult to establish following the bloom of manhood. It was known that the children idled through the streets without a care. The sacrifice made by women was of virtue and it met rewards. Through the revolt of women in American against dimming treatment of women and children, they were able to achieve better and quality regime for women and children through America.

African Americans struggle for independence. Following American independence, slavery was abolished. This was spearheaded by Douglas dorny Abraham Lincon and Stephen Douglas Debate. Most American were unable to contain the excitement. Many of those who were slaves in America were Africans who later intermarried with the Americans to form African Americans. Although the slaves were set free, the country struggled to reconcile on what had happened. Mr. Douglas urged that they couldn't live into a divided free and slave trade. He promised security for blacks and also promised the end of slavery in America. Black men entry to America was a result of discovery they were adapted compared to the Indians. The blacks were way stronger and could easily work efficiently compared to the Indians. They were also believed to be brainless and could not be taught anything (Shi & Tindall, 2016). They were perceived to be God created curses, preferably known as Yahiko's. Education was not offered to them. After the war of policy Africans of the South were enslaved and set free. The power of the south was said to still have them as slaves. African Americans were forced to arm themselves and fight for their independence. They were denied independence declaration by Sir Douglas. Abraham Lincon persistently urged for the free of black slaves. He was to make them socially and politically equal to the rest of the American people. Their freedom resulted from several rebellions.

The exploration of African natives was done by all European who spent an amounted time living among the Americans. The natives are merely disposition. They are well formed with the asymmetric body which is strong and robust. The women and girls have a bountiful beauty. Their natural conformation hangs down hardly at all unless affected by age. Most are powerful and have extraordinary height.

Native Americans are known to have engaged in economic activities. They used to till the ground and cultivate the Indian corn and layout wood during the winter seasons. The women were known to train their husbands from place to place in the field and assist as mules per burgage carrying. The men were known to engage in the hunting of bears and other animals. After their main activities, they go to other tribes to carry out batter trade. The Native Americans greatly participated in activities that enabled them to be economically stable.

The Natives engaged in marriage practices. Girls from the age of 11 to 15 years old have suitors according to their grace. Those that are discrete and best submit to their wishes. The suitor offer necklaces and chain made of beads to the girls. If a girl finds the suitor to be acceptable, she accepts the gifts (Earle, 2016). If a man is frustrated on the hope he expected, he seeks another woman and the woman seeks another suitor. The continues until a union which is satisfactory is made. Many girls pass on entire youth with several husbands. This is done without violence referring the situation to the wish of the woman. When children are born, preceding husbands go back to show them affection and friendship. This gives a chance to the woman to choose who she likes best. Having gained love, she remains permanently with him. When a divorce occurs, it is only for an important reason other than impotence. A woman who is married is free to indulge herself freely (Lewis, 2017). The American Natives are social beings and they engage in social activities such as marriage.

The Native Americans have a political structure in their system. Their custom which acts against the risk of legitimate in success to their property. When a girl marries in winter each woman and girl are expected to travel a road of wood. So, the Native Americans mode of government acted from elders, principle men assemble in the council. They propose all the necessary affairs of the village. They have no particular chiefs but show respect to the oldest and bravest. The natives have their own way to deal with judicial matters.


In conclusion, America has faced many times of political instability due to the kind of rebellions that it has faced (Mackesy, 2017). The revolt by the American women, The Native Americans and The African American has greatly changed the face of Americans. It is clear that America has gone through a hectic situation but in the long run the minority, the defenseless, the weak revolt and end up winning their fight.


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