Essay Sample on Human Resource Management Strategies

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Date:  2021-06-21

Human resource management refers to the process of managing the relationship that exists between an employer and the employees so as to achieve the organizations set goals. It involves carrying out functions such as recruitment of employees, training, separation and giving of new opportunity. The human resource management views its employees as an asset to the organization. For an organization to have an effective human resource management, it requires it to organize their staff in a way that they have strategic goals in the business. These strategies mainly affect its stakeholders like its employees, customers and also the potential investors.

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The management should use strategies that help in improving their leadership styles. There is a variety of leadership styles that can be employed in the human resource management. The main approaches that can be used by the employers are the autocratic approach which mainly focuses on planning, organizing and controlling of the business. The other approach that the leaders should apply is the behavioral approach where the employers motivate their employees and also communicate with them on issues that are affecting the organization. Employees will tend to be committed to their work in an organization that they are consulted and their opinions valued, where the workers are empowered by being given rewards and also where they also receive constructive feedback from their leaders and employers. Good leadership styles such as honesty will encourage investors to feel safe while investing in the organization and believe that their funds will not be misused.

The human resource management should also employ the strategy of the job design in the organization. It refers to the process in which the content of the job is designed in a way that it interacts with the employees in an organization with the aim of motivating the employees and reduce the employee turnover rate. The jobs should be flexible within the organization in a way that they fulfill the changing needs of that business. Job design strategy enables the management to develop the leadership skills which enable them to act ethically in their work as well as knowledge of the employees which will be of great importance to the organization in the future and also help in the succession planning. Job designs methods that the organization needs to employ include job rotation, cross-functional teams, semi-autonomous work groups and as well as flexible work structures. It enables the customers to be well served and their needs catered for since every employee has a particular location where he is supposed to work according to his skills. Job rotation will be of great importance to the employee and also the organization at large because it will enable the employees to be in a position of multi-tasking, understand the business better and also be able to solve various problems he encounters during his line of duty more efficiently. Through the semi-autonomous work groups it increases the employee commitment in his work, it makes the employee feel empowered and also enables them to work as a team where they can learn different skills from each other. It enables to offer high-quality services to the customers hence leading to customer satisfaction which helps them achieve their social responsibility to the community.

The other strategy that the human resource management should look into is the recruitment process. It involves the management acquiring the right number of employees with the required skills and experience to work in the organization. They can do this through job advertisement in various media channels. It is because a poor selection process of the employees will lead to the organization incurring more costs and also lower its productivity. If the staff that is recruited do no possess the required skills, it will lead the organization to incur extra costs while training them.

The human resource management can also apply the strategy of performance management in the organization. This strategy helps to evaluate the performance of an individual while in the business and use that information gotten after evaluation to be able to develop him. It will enable the management in the organization to be able to identify the areas which require improvement, provision of feedback and also assess the legal compliance of the organization.

The strategy of giving rewards should be employed by the human resource management in an organization. It will help in attracting the employees in other organizations; it will assist in retaining of employees and also motivate them in their work. Rewards can be given in monetary as well as non-monetary forms or intrinsic or extrinsic form. Intrinsic rewards involve that an individual gets from performing a particular task such as the sense of achievement while extrinsic are those awards that are given outside one's job, for example, incentive payment. It should be carried out consistently.

The human resource management should also use the global strategies. Rapid outsourcing of an organization of routine, as well as repetitive tasks, enables a business to develop. It helps to lower the labor costs and use modern telecommunicating methods to create business links in other countries across the world. Globalization enables a company to diversify into new services and products. It is of great advantage to the entire community since it leads to technological development such as infrastructure which acts as a social responsibility of the organization to the community.

In conclusion, the strategies can be used in the human resource management so as to align the staff in an organization towards achieving the goals of the firm. These strategies include the leadership styles, skills matching, ways of solving a conflict, development approaches, task variety in the organization, giving rewards to employees and the performance management strategies.

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