Essay Sample on How External and Internal Problems Can Affect Market Reputation

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Date:  2022-11-05

Sampling Plan

This sampling plan, in this case, intends to determine how the external and internal problems experienced by the Britflight airline company affected its market reputation. The sample population to be involved in the research include the royal airline customers who regularly use or seek the company's services. The company's workers and management who are actively involved in the airline operations will also be used as the sample population (McDaniel & Gates 2013). This is because they are well informed of the challenges or impacts that were in place and how they affected the company's market reputation.

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Sampling Frames

The amount of time that the market research will consume determines the need for a sampling frame. The sampling frame has various advantages those includes, first, to facilitate easy answering of questions or the problems that occur during the research. Secondly, to enable one to tackle the huge amount of work within a short period (Turner, 2003). In this case, the most appropriate. The most convenient sampling frame for the market research will be the use of customer's feedback records and the employee's feedback records. These two records will provide conclusive information on the market research.

Sampling Approaches

There are Two main sampling approaches that may be used in the market research to analyze the results; they include the probabilistic sampling and the non-probability sampling (Hair et al. 2008). The most convenient sampling method to use for the Britflight market research is the non-probability sampling, and this is because it is particularly used for the qualitative research where one uses the customers and market insight since the research is not based on the amount of work but rather the quality of the feedback gotten from the research respondents. This sampling method tends to be more of a subjective questionnaire rather than an objective questionnaire.

Types of the Non-Probability Sampling Approach

There are five types of non-probability sampling approaches that may be used in market research. They include quota sampling, convenience sampling, self-selection sampling, consecutive sampling, and snowball sampling. However, the most convenient type of non-probability sampling that I would recommend for the market research is the convenience sampling. This type of sampling tends to be convenient since the selected samples are easily accessible to the researcher (Etikan et al. 2016). Also, this method tends to be easy, cheap, and less time consuming when conducting market research.

Implementation Plan

The market research implementation plan involves various tasks or steps that include, first, identification and description of the research problem. In this case the research problem is to identify, in this case, the research problem is how the external and internal problems experienced the company affects its market reputation. Secondly, after identifying the research problem, there is a need to determine the research objective. The objective enables us to find out the actual solution to the identified problem (Rababahc et al. 2011). this study objective is to understand how the issues affecting the company's market reputation. Thirdly, identification of the research or study design and methodology. The design and methodology help us to come up with the best solution or feedback on how to handle the problem. The research methodology, in this case, will use of the qualitative method. Fourth, research study results, this is where the researcher will identify and compile the feedback gotten from those interviewed or involved in the research. The research results will provide a clear picture of how the impacts have affected the business reputation. The fifth, recommendation, after analysis of the result the researcher will give the best the recommendations or the various ways to mitigate the problem


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