Essay Sample on Hershey Co. Introduces Animal-Free Chocolates: A Society-Empowered Innovation

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Date:  2023-03-30


Hershey Company produces Vegan chocolates from ingredients that do not come from animals as confirmed by the existing bureaus of standards. The products' certification originates from the third party auditor that is responsible for monitoring chocolate making process. Since some people may not like consuming too much organic products due to various health conditions, Hershey Company introduced an animal-free diet to occupy the gap. The contemporary society is full of individuals who value the food processing tactics and their origin and so, the company has kept their manufacturing process very transparent as confirmed by their high quality end products like Fair Trade Certified and USDA Certified Organic chocolates (Young & McCoy, 2016). The company equally creates all their products, thus the clients are free to choose the products that suits their most important values.

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The Vegan chocolates are produced at affordable costs that do not interfere with the budget of the clients, thus, there is no need for a client to compromise their lifestyles. The company employs value-based pricing that has maintained Hershey's good inbound strategy. Thus, they have tactfully employed Next Best Alternative (NBA) by picking the close competitors' pricing like the Nestle and Mondelez International (Young & McCoy, 2016). Nevertheless, the company still employs value based pricing in some regions since most clients opt for their products due to the presence of single origin bean and organic nature in artistic wrapper.

Places of Distribution

The Company has various distributor outlets especially in large hypermarkets and supermarkets. The two stores are among the largest distribution channels of the company since they move large volumes of the products as reflected in their daily purchases. Most clients prefer buying the chocolates from the stores since they not only have a chance to compare different products from Hershey but also have the choice of buying the stocked chocolates in bulk or in bits. Besides, the stores form a good platform for impulse buying of vegan chocolates due to their attracting packaging. Primordially, brands are relatively visible from the shelves of supermarkets and hypermarkets (Jean & Nicolo, 2016). The company uses the large scale distribution labels Carrefour and Casino. The ease of items identification has also been facilitated by the recognizable packaging.


Hershey Company promotes the vegan chocolates through giving away free samples to get new clients who get impressed after first taste. The strategy has always brought in new clients to the company and also kept the loyal ones. In maintaining the clientele, the vegan chocolates have writings on the packaging that shows their contents like the 'The Plant Protein' to remind the clients about their brands. The writings also remind the buyers that the company is better than their competitors hence maintaining their clientele.

Implementation Control Measures

Hershey Company implement the control measures for vegan chocolate through setting performance standards, analyzing the possible reasons why some distributors have lower stock turnover, and measuring the products' actual performance in the industry. The company also works on transparent budgets alongside the milestones that the company endeavors to achieve. Hershey Company anticipates various external threats that may affect the success of vegan chocolate sales through Strategic Surveillance Control. The company has managed to identify various sources of information that dictates the external forces in vegan chocolates sales. Such information includes sources of financial journals and economic forums (Jean & Nicolo, 2016). The articles are useful in providing potential challenges that the sales of vegan chocolates face in the market.


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Young, M. E., & McCoy, A. W. (2016). Millennials and chocolate product ethics: Saying one thing and doing another. Food Quality and Preference, 49, 42-53.

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