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Group is referred to as a collection of many people who are interconnected with certain need of interest, problem or aim of something. Group therapy therefore may be used to describe a type of psychotherapy where various therapists are involved. Therapists are specialists that are involved in the process of counseling individuals, majorly found in the rehabilitation centers with distinguished problems that may include addiction. This research is done in order to investigate and show clearly the effectiveness of group therapy, why it is necessary and various methods that therapists may use to deliver to the maximum and appropriately as well.

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There are various methods that may be applied when dealing with individuals in a group, depending on the problems that they are suffering; there are various problems that need attention of the therapists like the drug addiction and mental problems. One of the approaches is accessing the permeability of the insulation of the group barrier; this technique requires an understanding of how and why a person uses certain defenses, and how he or she behaves to the group's attempts to penetrate the defenses. In a women rehabilitation center for example, it is encouraged that one may apply this technique to better understand them. (McFarlane, 2010)The intervention to the therapists was carried out using two main approaches that is the process sensitive group approach and the direct approach. The process sensitive approach actually has got a big significance on a wide range of expression, it was used to examine the unconscious process of the group as a whole, using the energies to assist individuals view themselves in a clear way thus creating that chance of opportunity in them .Another major approach that was use in the intervention and this was very helpful as it assisted me directly in the essence that it is majorly used by the alcohol drug counselors in their rehabilitation centers, being that i were from a women rehabilitation center and addiction is a major counter back

This kind of approach considers the content as the primary source of the effective charge compared to the first approach which considers the cohesive power of the group to become the primary source. The direct approach therefore is more effective to those who are in the early recovery process (Roy, 2008)To successfully use this kind of approach and end up with a positive and convenient results, a relatively a large number of about 200 individuals who happened to have different kinds of traumatic effects were used in the research, some being psychologically unfit while others having the drug addiction problem. This called for use of the various approaches discussed above to ensure that at least majority of them received attention and help at the end of the programmed event as stipulated by the research goals.

The number of the individuals earlier quoted as 200 contained both control groups and the experimental groups. sources has it that control group was included in order to make a comprehensive comparison at the end of the results to be able to isolate the independent variables and see clearly the impact it caused in the results obtained. Unfortunately, the existence of the control groups could have led to misleading information because of the different responses between them, which may result due to the effect of drug.

As a result of these possible poor results due to the mixed up group of control and experimental groups, the study applied the use of trained therapists who ensured at the end that the results obtained were very helpful, in helping other people from other rehabilitation centers. The existence of trained experts has got two main importance which include; one has got the ability to deliver, to the psychological treatments, 2) the need to press need to be able to disseminate evidence-based psychological treatments.

The use of these experienced and trained therapists ensured the effectiveness of ethical considerations that included anonymity, confidentiality, and informed consent. This ethics were addressed carefully by ensuring that the information collected was so confidential only to the therapists who were also trained as well and therefore understood carefully the whole process and what is to be done. The research also demonstrated therapy skills that were going to be much helpful for the women in the rehabilitation center .Some of the skills included; empathy, critical thinking, boundary setting, listening skills and social and communication skills.

The research applied the use of interventions of the group therapy back in my place of work, deal with people from diverse groups to ensure that I expand my level of expertise of handling various traumatic effects. This model of intervention assists the individuals in the group therapy significantly in the following ways:

  • The provision of hope: individuals contained in the group who are taken through different levels of treatment. It gives some hope when others recover and others who are still in the process watch.
  • Altruism: the women for example in the rehab center may share their strengths and this can motivate others who might be losing hope in some way.
  • Interpersonal learning: through interaction


In conclusion, group therapy is very essential for the satisfaction of people's interest as a whole. The research has discovered on the benefits of performing group therapy In USA, due to the high population of the country, it is also necessary in the essence that there may be a group of individuals having a similar problem like that of addiction, and its faster and more convenient to deliver the assistance.


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