Vulnerability Stress-Adaptation Model Essay Example

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Date:  2022-10-20

The Vulnerability Stress-Adaptation model (VSA) is the concept of enduring vulnerabilities, stressful moments and adaptation undertaking among couples, to gauge the modification in marital stability. VSA model is a comprehensive issue, which requires understanding to demonstrate what the whole process is all about.

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The VSA model is influenced by three factors, which include stressful experiences, enduring vulnerabilities and adaptive procedures. The three factors can function altogether to make the VSA model fall into its place. Stressful experiences and enduring vulnerability are very crucial in marital issues, and having the two factors will contribute to having the adaptive process. Adaptive process tends to have a great impact on how the married couples are going to sort out the challenge; a positive impact on the adaptive process will result in couples having a quality relationship (Aditya & Magno, pp 17). An adaptive undertaking which is positive will enable the couples to try and talk out about the stress that each face and they work on give support to one another. Having a quality relationship between the couple will result in having a relationship that is stable (Aditya & Magno, pp 13). Stability in any relationship does not just happen; there has to be some necessary effort that must be put in place, in this case, the whole stability process has been through the VSA model.

VSA model has been of great help since with having the basic knowledge in it; I have been able to have a clear insight on the military fathers and mothers. The military families can undergo through the stressful experiences and this stress, they can endure as the family strive to overcome this, and that is when the adaptive process comes in to make the whole concept successful. Moving from one place to another can be quite challenging to a family, the transition may either be positive or negative. There is a better understanding on the various forums that have been put in place and helps in promoting the well-being of the family and ensuring there is resilience to overcome the stress during the transition period (Ursano, Gabbay & Fullerton, pp 17). I have been able to know the various ways a military family can be prepared for civilian life transition, such as believing that they are all involved, and they can overcome that if they stick together. More so there is the aspect of financial statistics that are related to the military family transition.

The experience might be quite different if the children are middle school aged or teens. This is because, at this age, deployment tends to have a negative impact since there is so much that is taking place at this particular period. However, at some point, the transition may make the teens mature up so fast since they have been able to have the resilience from their parents. Teens suffer so much on the psychological suffering, which is involved with the whole issue of deployment. The experience may take much time for families with the teens, since the children have to take some time before they can fully adapt to the changes. While to some families the teens can easily adapt and thus speeding up the whole process.


In conclusion, the VSA model is a very important aspect in life and requires a better understanding of what exactly happens to married couples, how exactly these couples can endure the stress. Therefore the study of VSA model should be recognized to all as it is so evident that VSA is a comprehensive issue.

Works cited

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