Essay Sample on Global Companies: Exploiting Cultural Differences & Achieving Common Goals

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Date:  2023-03-26


The main challenge for global companies is to operate effectively in many countries through exploiting fundamental difference with interdependencies. Also ensuring global consistency at the same time. Just like people migrate to other countries to work, even the companies establish their working stations at different nations with diverse culture (Kasemsap, 2017). Therefore, companies ensure useful adaptions of the different cultures to achieve its main objectives. Thus, this paper entails merging two companies for global standards and outlining steps to unifying the cultures of the companies.

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Maxi company builds and distributes wheelchairs for people with disabilities. These wheelchairs get made with the support of research that ensures they are firm and well equipped to ensure the safety of the disability people. More so, the chairs are easy to navigate and carry the people with less effort. Also, the company is forming fuel-driven wheelchairs to ensure disabled people to move freely without the help of another person. Furthermore, the firm provides transportation for the wheelchairs to their specific people (HOUGH, & MACE, 2018). Thus, ensuring easy availability of the chairs to the needy people. For more than ten years, the organization has grown by providing unique products to needy people. The company focuses on the information given by guardians and healthcare personnel that deal with the disability persons regularly.

Triple T company is a global organization that creates and distributes different models of toys to kids with disabilities. Through the support of research, the firm can make unique toys according to the physical and developmental problems of the children. The toys are to develop the skills of disabilities through engaging with them like other healthy kids. More so, the company provides books for needy children. For twenty years, the company has developed globally as the leading producer of toys of disability children. The achievement got attained due to focusing on the appropriate information given by healthcare employees and parents of the needy children. Also, facilitate active engagement of employees in the process of manufacturing those products (HOUGH, & MACE, 2018).

The merging companies must evaluate the cultures of each firm to distinct which qualities enhance the firm to achieve their goals. Hence, the positive habits and behaviours help in building stable foundation blocks that emerge layers of change development and management after merging the organizations. Furthermore, the two companies must outline corporate cultures among their environment. Hence, enabling the firms to identify the shared cultures after joining.

After distinguishing the cultures, the merging companies form corporate values according to the firm's behaviour fabric. Thus, promoting intentional features of culture. In case of any transaction, the leading company should explain the combined values in advance (HOUGH, & MACE, 2018). Thus, setting a flow of expected attitudes and behaviours. The human resource department should articulate the new corporate values clearly to their works regularly, both writing and verbal. These enable the employees to adopt and understand the updated benefits.

The human resource department should develop corporate champions which enhance the employees to focus on their work. Hence, ensuring the merged companies to thrive with the organizational performance to achieve their objectives. Moreover, as the manager of human resource, the department should focus on the development of people. Mostly, humans want to learn and grow. Thus, managers should support their workers after merging. Hence, promoting the growth of the two firms.


In conclusion, the rate of success after merging organizations is related to the workforce's capability to attain a shared dream and vision. Therefore, the achievement requires workers who embrace and understand the new corporate culture. More so, the level of commitment depends on the leadership involvement to communicate and educate the employees about the new values.


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