Essay Sample on Design Principles in Proximity, Alignment, Contrast & Repletion

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Date:  2023-04-23


Design strategies in any website are essential, to ensure that all elements required to be addressed in the site are in place, the developer must consider the principles of proximity, alignment, contrast and repletion (Markel & Selber, 2017). is a technology-based website; it is primarily based on making adverts and sales of products and services. The site has significantly considered using the design principles to address various items in their site in including products, products details and preview images of all the products they are dealing with. The language used in the site is simple and easy to understand. The web pages are designed in a way that all the users can conveniently access. The information is aligned to suit customers' requirements and expectations; the details page of various product contains vital information about the product and service. is one of the best sites that incorporated strategic web-design to reach different audiences and achieve its goals and objectives (Syk, 2018). The site is attractive and user-friendly, the choice of colours and contrast are well. The customers or users of any site are considered the essential elements when designing a site, through the optimal arrangement of elements and use of customer-oriented features to make sells and adverts. This article, therefore, explores the design of Amazon website based on design principles.

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Countless features in Amazon's site has led to its success in business, the layout of Amazon's site is one of the most attractive and customer-based websites that is designed to address customers requires and expectations as well as company's intentions (Syk, 2018). The design of the site has earned the company a lot of benefits in terms of alignment of products proximity considerations, reparation and contrast. The site is easy to navigate as products are displayed in a simple, cluttered, and elegant manner.

One of the most significant design that the considered is the top menu bar and home that is incorporated with rotating slideshows; this has earned the site its uniqueness. The navigation options are designed to ease access and login. From the top menu bar, the user can log in from the top right side of the site and view orders. The site is tangible and observes the principles of design strategies. Products names are written in bold to distinguish for products details. The alignment of the products is easily prided for the customer based on his or her expectations; the user can sort the filter products' search by price, latest, most selling and trending.

The pages are designed consistently; text content uses left alignment, consistent spacing, language, font and colour. They are attractive across all the pages. Price colours and contrast is different from other text for easy identification and to help to distinguish from other related texts. The consistency of pages ensures that the users get used to a similar platform and does and avoid confusion. If the user accesses the site once, it will be easy to identify where to find various elements of products in future because of page user-friendliness.

The colours in the site observe the principle of contrast; the site uses healthy and attractive colours. One of the most significant factors that amazon considered in terms of comparison is product colour correctness. The products use exact colours and contrast of specific products to display. The design has helped to maintain customer loyalty and trustworthiness on the products that the company deals with. It ensures that the colours are real and not a fugue.

The company's logo is placed at the top left corner of the site; it is visible in all the pages. The logo reflects on a smile with yellow colour starting for A and ends with an arrow at Z that depicts the company's aim of selling everything from A-Z (Syk, 2018). The spaces between products displayed are consistent and look appealing; the user can quickly identify and compare different products at a glance. On the other hand, the spaces between words are logical and justifiable; it natural for the audience to concentrate on the information.


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