Essay Sample on Exploring Historic Ellis Island: A Tour on 12th August 2019

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Date:  2023-02-12


Historically, Ellis Island is well known as a centre for deportation of immigrants in the United States (Maddern, 2008). Since my area of interest revolves around the identification of the historical sites situated within Ellis Island, this tour will help gain a clear insight into the site present. Notably, a trip to the Ellis Island located in the Upper New York Bay within the New York harbor on 12th august 2019 coasted 256 dollars in travelling the long distance. The tour guides along the unique island which accommodate the significant number of tourists begin with bookings before the visiting day (Maddern, 2008). It is imperative to note that the professionalism employed in the tour guide guarantees a safe encounter with the entire island. On arrival, the guides provide an in-depth explanation of the unique historical sites present in the harbor. My contact with the professional guides at the island, build my understanding of the unique features found within the island (Maddern, 2008).

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The tour guide at the Ellis island always provides the 90 minutes tour to the unique places such as the 750-bed capacity hospital which was the most significant health service facility in the united states in the 20th century ( Maddern, 2008). On the same account, the professional guides also provide transportation to both Ellis and Liberty Island, which are located adjacent to one another. Similarly, my experience with the professional tour guides is that it is not just to conduct an advanced booking because the tickets can also be obtained on the ground. More importantly, my encounter with the tour guides indicates that the admission fee is $18 for adults, $14 for senior citizens, $9 for children 4-12 years old( Maddern, 2008).

The frequently mentioned site within Ellis island involves the Fort Gibson, which offered the storage sites for the artilleries, especially for the immigrants before deportation (Maddern, 2008). It is worth noting the fact that, Ellis Island contains a museum with an exhibition of the immigrants experience within the island before deportation. Besides, behind the museum lies a high wall where inspection of the immigrants was conducted. The inspection sites located at a last location within the island is considered necessary in America history. Similarly, along the island lies the pier and large ferries where immigrants transported to various destinations. However, at the Ellis Island there a medical inspection yard where the immigrants underwent a medical examination to ascertain their health conditions (Maddern, 2008)

Since my study intends to focus on the historical sites present in Ellis Island and how they are considered historical sites with regards to the immigrants. Significantly, from this tour, it is relevant to acknowledge the fact that, Ellis Island is historically essential, especially in America. The intent connection of this tour is that it provides an in-depth analysis of the historical accounts on the immigrants, especially in the United States (Maddern, 2008).


From the tour, I came to learn the significant contribution of the historical sites found in Ellis Island and how they were used to handle the immigrants in the United States. Similarly, Ellis Island, which is considered major ancient sites which harbor significant immigrants, is an important historical site within the United States.By considering the tour, I encountered that, the historical sites found within the museum lacked proper guideline, especially from the professional tour guides. Lack of information about the immigrant's activities taking places within the designated locations such as the inspection yards tends to confuse the tourists.


Maddern, J. F. (2008). Spectres of Migration and the Ghosts of Ellis Island. Cultural Geographies, 15(3), 359-381.

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