Essay Sample on Empathy Building Relationships

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Date:  2022-03-22


The universe is made up of people that are suffering in all aspects of life. Human beings are experiencing emotional, physical, or spiritual pain that is caused by difficulties that we meet in our daily activities. The world requires human beings to show the act of compassion in relationships despite the difficulties we experience since the other person might be in a worse state than ours. Practicing the principle of altruism by promoting the welfare of other human beings at the expense of our well-being is what being human means. In order to initiate a connection with other people or maintain a healthy relationship, we need to be compassionate towards them. Understanding the feelings of others is what establishes or maintains a strong connecting bond between people since we will make effort to better one another without minding our self-interests.

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Establishing Strong Relationship Bond

Healthy connections are purposefully built through the mutual feeling of compassion between the companions. Personality differences among people are what call for understanding between individuals useful in understanding one another traits, needs, shortcomings, and dreams. Empathic capabilities are vital for a strong connection tie between people. The saying 'treat others the way you wish to be treated' effectively demonstrate the moral code that strengthens relationship built under compassion. Key strategies for establishing healthy unions include developing empathy, having good communication skills, and practicing good listening abilities.

Developing Empathy

Establishing compassion in relationships is important in creating an understanding of one another welfare by sacrificing our self-interest and expectations. It is the emotional force of understanding that strengthens the bond between the people. Individuals applying empathy are likely to have stable, well-adjusted relationships that last longer (Edger, 1999). Understanding and accepting the feeling of another individual help us not judge their situation without considering ourselves experiencing the same a person with a narcissistic personality may be annoying but we learn to live with them. It is very important in accepting each other the way we are despite our flaws.

Good Communication Skills

The knowledge of one another feelings is possible when healthy communication flourishes in the relationship. Communication is the key to successful interaction between people since it enables individuals to speak out their feelings for understanding by the partner. Verbal interaction influences altruistic behavior by increasing an individual's empathy to build a strong relationship (Andreoni, 2011). For example, a lover opening up about their careless past abusive love experience will build the willingness of the other to support them with the knowledge of romance imperfection due to haunting history. Communication strengthens compassion.

Display Listening Skills

Good communication calls for attention to what is being conversed for mutual understanding for a healthy relationship. Individuals should practice the act of paying attention to when their partners are speaking to pass information to them. 'A listening partner is a caring person.' To understand our partner's feelings we must pay attention to detailed information they pass to us. For instance to understand their personality we must observe and listen to them to figure it out.


In summary, the stronghold for healthy relationships is the feeling of compassion for one another. To internalize compassion both partners need to practice communication and listening skills. Relationships are not just established out of nowhere but the strategy is very vital in establishing and maintaining their strength.


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