Essay Sample on Development of History Through Writings

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Date:  2022-10-12


My strengths in these past journals are that I was able to complete four journals that had several quotes in each journal with little challenges. I was successful in analyzing the difficult task of parenting including the problems that come along with it. Another strength is that I displayed the theme of forgiveness and change in one of the quotes. My weakness is in the structuring of some sentences because some of my responses have the wrong use of words and some repetition of words in some sentences. What I did well is that I was able to summarize all my responses by asking of one question at the end of each answer. These questions were a suitable method of catching the reader's attention and ensuring that they focused more on the next quote and the response that I was to give. These questions also helped to make the readers get a summary of my responses without having to read the whole work.

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Quote: "Another uppity nigger went- He was a man, an' we laid him down (Sterling Brown 45). Response: The use of the word nigger is an offensive word for referring to black people - this statement that the death of Will was not the first one and there were prior incidences of racial bias. This response is my most thoughtful. Racism has been a menace in our world, and it is not a good thing. I respond to this quote by condemning the name nigger and showing how the black people were killed ruthlessly for mistakes that were questionable on how they happened.

I learn that I hate cases of injustices to people. Most of my responses are to quotes about injustice and how racism makes the black people to be killed mercilessly without evidence of the mistakes they did. I seem drawn to justice and the law and how justice should prevail over violence. In these entries, I learn the following about the United States: In the context of family, people who lack the responsibilities of family are more committed to their places of work. When it comes to the issues of a spoilt child in a family, a dilemma is experienced in determining who between the father and the mother should be blamed for the bad relationships between the child and the parents. It also explains that many people give up and prefer to live a miserable and lonely life without a family. The loyalty of a family can blind someone to believe some facts that are false regarding a member of the family.

In the context of the historical period, I learn that these works were written in the colonial periods when colonialists colonized several countries all over the world and when racism was a common thing in the Western states. The connections between the pieces of literature are that they all talk about life issues that affect different people in the United States. These life issues range from family, favoritism, injustices, and racism. The universal themes faced by all humans that are discussed in this literature include family matters, giving up because of various life stresses, favoritism, and racism. The writers who have ideas that are similar are Zitkala Sa's and Sterling Brown because they bring into view the way people from other countries especially the black people that lived in The United States were exploited by the white people in those days of colonialism.

Iktomi and the fawn explains an entirely different proposition about the aspects of life as opposed to the other writer because he talks about one individual who was a good boy when he was young, and he desired to have a good life and just as beautiful as a peacock. But, as he grows up, he becomes immoral and corrupted and finally does things that lead to his downfall. The United States has different cultures depending on the various regions. These differences are depicted in these articles because when the Indian girl embarks on her journey to the RedApple country, she expects to get a good life, but that is not what she gets when she arrives there. The historical period where this literature falls in the pre-colonial periods and the colonial period when colonialists were grabbing lands and racism was high all over the world. The statement about how the author's mother still takes her to the white man's land despite them grabbing their lands. I hope to get an A from this portfolio of a journal because I responded with utmost diligence putting across all necessary points that include the social, historical and multicultural contexts in interpreting the literary works. The journal also compares and contrasts the literature parts in the course, analyze the literature from the past century and take into consideration the cultural and historical contexts.


The history of literature is in the development of history through writings or in poetry that gives entertainment to the reader and develops the literary techniques that are usually used in the communication of these pieces. This paper has been a success in reviewing my responses on various quotes of different authors and has also played a role in studying the literary movements and historical time periods.

Works Cited

Brown, Sterling Allen. The Collected Poems of Sterling A. Brown. Northwestern University Press, 1996.

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