Essay Sample on Cultural Diversification: Globalization, Social Equity, and Cultural Mindfulness

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Date:  2023-04-24


There has been a rapid diversification of cultural presence across the international platform (Samovar, L. A., Porter, 2014). Jobs, education, tourism, business, and other factors are fundamental to this phenomenon. A corresponding emergence in awareness of this effect is rising (Kyoung-Ho Shin, 2011). The concepts of globalization and social equity are among many that influence communication that is culturally mindful. Racial discrimination is a misplaced practice in this era and among factors working to eliminate it are social equity and globalization (Gooden, Susan T., 2015).

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Globalization defines international interaction amongst people, organizations and governments. Social equity focally concerns fairness and justice in executing social policies. Both of them are applied in the international stage and are paramount in relations and business, among other factors. Culturally mindful communication is skill demanding and requires reserved practices in communicating with people from different cultural roots. Considering the blend of cultures in the modern environments, globalization offers people the opportunities to acquire vast experience in multicultural information. This interaction gives an insight into ways of handling people of diverse cultures and inspires mindful communication. Globalization has an immense source with technology, political, and business practices leading the trends. The informed status resulting from this process are fundamental contributors to mindful communication. Social equity is implemented in administrative policies that require equal treatment of people in society regardless of their racial background (Nishishiba, M., 2017). If practical, they shape culture towards prospects of mindful cultural communication. Strong notions back this quest with 'biological equality' and 'social equality for people of different races' being slogans that promote social equity (Ting-Toomey, S., & Dorjee, T., 2018).

Public and nonprofit organizations (social services, education, advocacy and religious institutions) are directly involved with the people. Services and the message they convey to the public is vital. They deal with people and societies of different cultural belief and morality. This places them as roots for cultural communication, and they must be cautiously aware of this diversity when offering their services. Being so fundamental in public opinion, for them to exercise mindful cultural communication would be influential in spreading this concept across all disciplines that serve at multicultural levels.


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