Essay Sample on Cultural Differences and Communication Difficulties

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Date:  2022-12-22


Effective communication is at the very center of the development of active business strategies. However, communicating across boundaries and the different cultures can be a real contest. The development of cross-cultural competence and communication skills should be the key focus (Hazudin et al., 2015). For success in international business, effective communication with customers, clients, colleagues, and bosses is important. It is more than just the language barriers which should be overcome in such a situation. While verbal communication is essential for business activities, non-verbal communication is also an important determinant for the making and breaking of business deals (Barber, Metcalfe, & Porteous, 2016). The paper will discuss the communication difficulties and the cultural difference for the Maori company-Sealord and the foreign country- Australia.

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The businesses might not have enough information about the different cultural values and norms which have a direct impact on the meanings that are derived during professional dialogue (Hult blog, 2018). They should also have a grasp on the business etiquette that is acceptable in the foreign countries and how the religious and cultural traditions have an impact on these (Pedersen & Netter, 2015). The nuances of body language that is acceptable in different countries and nationalities will have to be established.

Cultural differences also have an impact on the demand for services. The needs that the business is seeking to address may already have been met in a foreign country (Cardoza et al., 2016). It is easy to overlook practical considerations such as the quality translation of the materials used for marketing the product and ensuring that the brand name has excellent workability in the foreign country. They might even have to consider adapting their brand name when launching it in a foreign country (Hamilton, & Webster, 2018). There needs to be proper preparation before the businesses launch in the international and new market.


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