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Irrespective of their many uses, concealed weapons have a symbolic, cultural and economic significance in the United States. Lots of people in the world not only value the hunting and sport shooting traditions but also the gun collection and recognize the security and protection that they can give. According to Nagin many states are relying on hunting as an essential tourism economy driver and the wider industry of gun employing thousands of Americans like the instructors and operators of shooting range, suppliers of hunting equipment, and manufacturers, distributors and firearms and ammunition retailers (111). At the same time, every year lots of people undergo heinous injuries while losing their friends and families in cases involving firearms. A study conducted showed that almost 36,000 people in the US died of gunshot wounds with two-thirds being from suicides (Liu, 181). A report given showed that people in the US are seven times more likely to die by homicide and 25 times more in a gun homicide compared to people living in other wealthy nations. This is an indication that the risk of experiencing gun violence in the US is so high and so pervasive. The paper, therefore, explores policy claims that are linked to concealed weapons.

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Practically, no one wants to tolerate these levels of violence and sorrow, not the owners of guns, not the advocates of guns and not those who believe guns are a root cause of these problems. However, disagreements on what should be done have been taking place since distinct individuals have distinct reasons for reducing the harms related to the violence of gun. However, on a range of outcomes, a major one is on the disagreement about the true effects of distinct gun laws and regulations which generally is on gun policies. In America initiative, RAND Gun Policy was constructed so as to create the most-objective information possible about the effects of gun laws thus providing tools and resources that can enhance the research quality of concealed weapons and eventually improving the national debate on increasing gun policies that are fair and effective (Liu, 181).

Perceptions on gun policies usually divide along political and partisan lines. This is due to differing values that concern which objectives and results are more significant, for instance, either to protect personal liberties or to reduce violence in the society. However, the major disagreement is between experts that favor the position of the policy of the National Rifle Associations and those that favor Brady Campaign positions in preventing violence of guns. Both positions do not stem from diverse views on objectives on what gun policies should be achieving, rather they differ on what true effects of distinct gun policies will be. Both experts favor policies that they think will minimize gun violence.

The impact of numerous state gun policies that entail shall-issue legislations concerning firearm homicide in addition to other acts of gun violence is wide-ranging. Liu argues that over the years, concealed guns have posed a threat to members of the society (181). However several states maintain that it is of good effect in addition to safety training. As a hobby, numerous personalities within the society have made it a priority due to its harmful laws that bring back lifesaving laws. Siers argue that this is achieved by weakening the present laws that require no legal permissions to carrying guns within a public place especially in the case the gun is loaded (4). Weak legislation only gives a dangerous member of the society the license to carry guns. Research by the South Florida Sun-Sentinel discovered that Florida had issued over 1500 individuals with guns a number that no doubt increased the rate of crime in the state. Indiana also experienced the same problem which became evidenced at the high number of 200 people who were convicted of gun violence.

In Texas, it was discovered that in 2001, over 5000 individuals were arrested and convicted for gun-related violence that included rape, kidnapping, murder, and theft. The study undertaken by the Texas City Police found that majority of the licensed holders had been arrested and convicted more than twice. According to Nagin Between the year 2011 and 2015, over 1000 licensed had been arrested for weapon-related offenses, a 70 percent increase on gun violence that stems from carrying concealed weapons (31). At the same time, weak legislations have been associated with gun trafficking. According to Siers, research undertaken by the Mayors Against Illegal Guns revealed that the licensing of concealed guns often lead to increased violence and crime related incidences (2).

Concealed carry and open carry laws provide that each citizen may carry a gun complementing the role of the agencies through keeping society safe. Citizens may risk their lives to protect other people and their properties. Nagin maintain that many people are opposed to a civilian being capacitated enough to defend themselves and others (23). They do not see the value of the lives of law-abiding people with guns to enhance a safe secure society. It is right to allow citizens to have concealed and open carry of guns. It is important since it enables law-abiding citizens to prevent irresponsible citizens from gun violence. As a result, citizens would protect themselves and others from violent acts, thus reducing home invasions, rape attempts, robberies, and intrusions (Lott, 56). Even with specialized agencies, both governmental and non-governmental tasked with the responsibility of ensuring the safety of each citizen, it is impossible to protect every individual.

This law provided for a permit to carry a concealed firearm, but the conceding of such permit is usually at the discretion of local authorities. The law requires the applicants to affirm reasons (e.g., having been stalked) to bear the concealed handgun and for authorities to grant or not granted their discretion (Grossman and Lee 201). Often, self-protection itself does not persuade the requirement of 'good cause' for the authorities to issue the weapon. Sometimes the law may require the holder of the permit to provide justification for the continued need for a concealed carry permit upon renewal. The renewal of the expiring permit may be denied if there is not sufficient proof for 'good cause' (Grossman and Lee 218). Also, a permit can be revoked after it has been granted if the issuing authority at its discretion realizes that the 'good cause' used to ascertain the permit application no longer exists. However, permit renewal can be approved immediately provided the permit holder has completed any required safety training of firearms and has completed the renewal application prior to the permit expiring. Based on the suitability of the applicant such as moral character, may-issue jurisdictions allow the issuing authorities to grant concealed carry to the applicant if the applicant has submitted evidence (e.g., credit history, resume, reference letters, etc.) to satisfy requirements for the issuance of the permit.

This law requires a license to carry a concealed weapon but is subject to a determinate criterion that is provided in the law. Unlike may-issue, shall-issue has no discretion of the authority when granting the license and the applicant is not required to demonstrate the 'good cause' unless there is some prohibiting factor of the candidate such as a felony conviction (Durlauf et al. 58). Depending on the jurisdiction of the state, the license contains requirements including residency, fingerprints of the applicant, minimum age, computerized background check, proficiency in the practical handling of the concealed handgun, etc. Although Connecticut law affirms that carrying a concealed weapon license be issued based on may-issue, the courts of the state have granted permission to the issuing authorities on granting the concealed weapon license on basis of shall-issue (Lott, 65). Unlike may-issue jurisdiction where the Connecticut law does not have a prerequisite for the applicant, this procedure is applicable only to applicants that meet all the statutory qualifications with a need and proper reason for acquiring a license (Durlauf et al. 61). There is no discretion by the granting authority to deny permits to applicants who have presented a completed application, conceded a background check, finished any needed training and are above the prerequisite criteria outlined by law.

According to Lott, another rationale for responsible citizens possessing guns is that it provides an additional barrier for law and order in society (45). I know that for me to live a fulfilling life and expand my potential is through the orderly conduct of a law-abiding society. I am not the only one with this desire. There are many reasons for people to own guns and most of them are sufficient to justify concealed and open gun carry (Silver, 90). According to a poll in 2005 by Gallup, the primary reason for owning a gun is protection (Hawkins, 78). People report that they want to have guns so that they can protect themselves from intruders and enhance security. In addition, many citizens possess guns for recreational use. Some of the typical recreational activities may include hunting and target shooting. For those who enjoy target shooting and hunting, they may view their guns as equipment. I believe that, regardless of the reason, when the security of the people is threatened, each of these people and/or shooting enthusiast will use their gun for protection if needed to provide law and order for society.

In November 2016, a passer-by, armed with a gun, came across the Lee County Deputy Sheriff as a man was attacking him. Reports showed that the Lee County Deputy Sheriff pulled the man over after 9:30 am (Hawkins, 65). The man exited the car infuriated and assaulted the deputy sheriff. The passer-by stated he found the man striking the deputy sheriff ruthlessly and feared the assailant would kill the deputy sheriff. When confronted to stop, the suspect refused, forcing the passer-by to take out his gun and fired three shots towards the assailant. Consequently, the suspect collapsed and was taken to the hospital and later to police custody. The suspect disrupted order by refusing to be politely interrogated and searched by the deputy sheriff. He also interrupted order by assaulting the deputy sheriff. However, when the armed passer-by shot at the assailant, the deputy sheriff got an opportunity to arrest the suspect and take him to police custody restoring order within the society. Had it not been for the armed passer-by, a responsible citizen with a sense of good-will for maintaining law and order, the sheriff could have been beaten to death. In addition, the incident could have set the wrong precedent for other road users to ignore the orders of authorities whose primary mandate is to maintain law and order.

Lott argues that no one desires to live in a world where criminal actions are utilized without responsibility and accountability (23). Life in such a society is unbearable and unfair. As an individual, we strive to excel in education, business, and career without living in constant fear of the order being disrupted by a few individuals with evil intentions. I believe that this is the motivation for gun advocates and responsible citizens owning guns. According to Shapira, Harel, Katherine, and Ken the least that can be done is to provide our support to this sense of concern for law and order within our society (6).

Concealed carry provides a feeling of security and safety for the individual and society. By possessing concealed weapons, most citizens will be defending and protecting themselves in areas that are prone to crimes (Vernick and Hepburn, 390). A report showed that 60% of women with a license to carry a weapon usua...

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