Essay Sample on Colonial Social Orders

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John was a Puritan lawyer who existed between the year 1588 and the year 1645; he was among the people who feared the punishment of God which could be given by God as a result of what he termed as England's moral depravity as well as corruption (Byers, 2018). He led over seven hundred migrants into Massachusetts to settle there in the year 1630; he did this with the hope of escaping the wrath that was to arise and begin a new settlement. John in Christian Charitie a Modell hereof says that God in His wisdom has disposed of the condition of humankind, by this Winthrop meant that God knows that some people will be rich some poor and on the other hand some people will be mean as others will be submissive.

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According to Winthrop God is purpose is to hold conformity with the world. God was pleased to see how well the creatures He created were and how the world was beautiful. According to John, God's Greatness is big to his people since He gives them all the time good gifts and He loves them all equally. The second thought of John Is that God has a chance of manifesting Himself to his people in the form of the Holy Spirit. God treats His people in such a way that, both the poor and the rich are equal and the same before the face of the Lord. Even the mean and the submissive are both equal before the Lord in as much as they do all the things by the will of God who is the creator of everything including the man.

In a petition that looked to be very humble and straightforward Peter Egerton and his wife accepted having sinned fornication before marriage (Waters, 2015). They were fined five pounds that were to be paid to the county. After the court taking a lot of consideration on what the church is doing on matters fornication and unfaithfulness in marriage, the court ordered the church to affect the actions that are supposed to be taken against people who fornicate, before the court takes future steps on the same evil.

Another, the lady by the name of Alice is also accused of several crimes that are shameful; the lady put herself upon the person who brought their verdict. The things that, Alice Thomas was charged with include; breaking into the warehouses as well as vessels at night and stealing items from the places she broke into the court found the lady guilty of breaking into the warehouse and the vessels and stealing properties. On the hand, the court also found her guilty of telling so many secrets every now and again and also providing entertainment that was not morally upright according to the evidence that was presented before the court. The two accused people who were presented before the court were all found guilty and they were all judged accordion to their evils. However, the court on her ruling it expressed its feeling that the church was not performing her role as it should in ensuring that, people are doing what is morally and biblically upright, the court feels like if people could follow God's commandments, then it could be very hard for them to break the law.

Here we find Alexander Henry who travelled and adventured in Canada and the Indian Terrorists between the year 1760 as well as the year 1776 (Dowd, 2016). The treaty of Paris of the year 1763 was confirmed by the victory of the war that lasted for seven years; this also led to the establishment of the British eminence in the same year in the Mississippi River in North America. After this, the Indians were quite sure that the French were going to move out of their land. After that, a spirit spoke to the people who were enslaved and going through a lot of painful time in the hands of the colonisers. The spirit started by reminding them that, God is the maker of heavens and the earth and all things that dwell in them. The sprit went on and reminded them that, they could live and do well with hunting and wearing of skin animals as clothes and forget the blankets, and the garments of white men. The spirit of God continues to remind them that they can do without the white stuff. It also tells them that the liquor that the white man brought them has ruined the way the thing and stay and even the weapons are making them kill one another with no good reason. The final reminder that these people are given is that they should know that then white people have come to rope them and cause them pain and therefore they should send them away and stay in peace and they will prosper so much on their own without the white men.


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