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Dwight David Eisenhower in history is regarded to be one of the most popular presidents in the United States. Dwight was born at Denison in Texas on October 14th, 1890 though he grew up in Abilene. According to Barber (2017), Dwight is considered the most successful and reliable leader because of his profile and leadership skills he demonstrated. Dwight Eisenhower worked as a military aide to the commander of the United States' forces known as John Pershing during the First World War (Grant, 2014). He is portrayed as a prudent leader since he demonstrated high levels of professionalism and statesmanship among many nations. Dwight reputation is dated to have improved significantly in the course of his tenure making him be later regarded as a grandfatherly figure as well as a great leader across the world (Barber, 2017). He ruled diligently, conquered the heart of many citizens which consistently voted him back thereby ending up as the longest-serving president in the history of the United States (Barber, 2017).

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Dwight patriotically enhanced peace as well as advocated for mediated various talks among nations which saw world war come to an end. For instance, General Eisenhower is one of those who was against the use atomic bomb in Japan at the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki; this was in the conference that was held at Potsdam in 1945 (Barber, 2017). According to him, Japan had already surrendered, and the use of such a deadly weapon would finally affect U. S. prestige in the whole international community (Barber, 2017). It is therefore effective for leaders to promote among themselves and even the neighboring countries. The leaders should be able to oppose those activities leading to conflict.

Eisenhower throughout his reign portrayed good profile, lead diligently, not showing his cards in where not due (Wicker, 2014). He not only stood out as a peaceful leader but was always determined in leaving behind a legacy that would live to be cherished in the United States. Eisenhower was knowledgeable and had good ideas to perform. It was after the inversion of Poland by the Germany which led to the immediate cause of the Second World War when Eisenhower becomes brigadier general for the first time after he was promoted in 1941 (Wicker, 2014). The attack on Pearl Harbor by Japan in December 1941 led to Eisenhower being given a role to serve as the planning officer by George Marshall the then Chief of Staff General of U .S. He did not hesitate to play his role, immediately in November 1942 the following year; he organized a torch of operation as the head which led to the successful invasion by the Allied power on North Africa. According to Wicker (2014), Eisenhower came up with the idea of the invasion of Sicily at the mainland of Italy in the year 1943 which later resulted in the decline of Rome in 1944. It is essential for the leaders who have been assigned or promoted to various positions to serve and come up with achievement to people.

The kind of leadership that was offered by Eisenhower can be emulated by various leaders to solve various issues they encounter in the course of their administration. For instance, leadership skills that were exhibited by Eisenhower included gentility and strong in deeds, a navigator, a listener as well as positive in thoughts, one who takes long views, never attacked people personally, a motivator and an aspire and a good communicator (Grant, 2014). These are some of the essential personalities that not only seemed to be in line with the professionalism but also serve as qualities that could enhance various achievements (Eisenhower, Chartok & Ledbetter, 2014). The dispose of Eisenhower leadership qualities can enhance other leaders to perform their roles accordingly resulting in a good relationship and respect among their subjects at large. Automatically someone in leadership like once a great president Eisenhower can seek attention and support of the most people. Leaders can follow the footsteps of Eisenhower where he was made the head of supreme commander to speed up the planned invasion of Nazi who had occupied Europe. According to Eisenhower (2014), Eisenhower directed several Allied forces to attack the beaches in the area of Normandy. This later resulted in the liberation that took place in Paris on August 25th, 1944 and diverted a huge war in Europe in the direction of Allied (Grant, 2014). His achievement of becoming a full commander who was supreme just from position of being lieutenant as a colonel in only a spurn of five years in the Philippines, made him be recognized not only supreme but as a hero in 1945. Due to the great achievements, Dwight was made the Chief of Staff in the Army of U.S (Grant, 2014). Current leaders in this respect can learn from Dwight's profile to perform every duty accorded to them diligently thereby resulting into both goal achievements as well as earn them maximum respect within the society.


In summary, Dwight Eisenhower is noted to be one of the greatest presidents in the United States. He is noted to foster various developments and advocated for peace within the U.S and neighboring countries during and after his tenure (Wicker, 2014). Also, he is noted as the president who was able to ease the aggression of the communist in the world through the creation of a unified military organization. He performed and achieved a lot in his life as a leader thereby leaving behind a legacy. His leadership lessons, therefore, can be emulated by various leaders to enhance various activities thereby creating a cohesive environment where various developmental activities can be conducted (Wicker, 2014). Some of the leadership skills that current leaders can emulate from Dwight Eisenhower included: gentility and strong in deeds, a navigator, a listener as well as positive in thoughts, one who takes long views, never attacked people personally, a motivator and an aspire and a good communicator.


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