Essay Sample on Child Maltreatment and Psychopathic Traits in Youth

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Date:  2023-02-17


This article presents the research of maltreatment of children in the society this is being developed by their social skills. The purpose of the research was to relate the public effectiveness and psychopathic characteristics of assaulted youths with a specific collection of people and to examine what sort of maltreatments and public aids are associated with psychopathic characters in all of the sets.

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The Childhood Trauma Questionnaire assessed the forms and concentration of maltreatment in about 107 youths; they were then separated into the MTA of 66 in each group also non-maltreated adolescents of 44 each. The Hare Psychopathy List being the Youth Version and a complete record for assessment of social aids in adolescents had also applied on all people. MTA obtainable was further psychopathic characters, unlike the CG, in all areas determined by PCL: YV, self-sufficiently of IQ levels, and the existence of psychiatric illnesses (Mariella et al., 2016). My worry is, will the result be genuine? What will be the number of people affected by the situation?

The essential thing in the articles researches, the result was positive as we expected and discovered children maltreatment existed in society. Society expected to take care of the same children. I chose this article due to its touching information passed across the long-term effects of maltreated children and their active life. The information passed was helpful to society to help counter the situation of childhood maltreatment and neglection.

The specific thing I expected being educated on the project is if the processes stated in the article would discover the childhood maltreatment. Some of the signs showed the precise information about abuse and negligence (Mariella et al., 2016). Some of the limitations to the study are; the cross-sectional plan of this investigation doesn't enable us to make derivations in regards to conceivable direct causal connections, yet our discoveries of controlled examination relationships align with past findings connecting abuse to social practices.

The research would be applied in real life as it helps the authority quickly improve the affected and punish the culprits to the crimes against humanity. Children are a big part of the society, the future of the world or the leaders of tomorrow. When they aren't cared for, then the future is doubtful. The records given might be incorrect due to some errors of probability. Most of the results presented based are on people's traits and behavior; this gives the researchers easy to identify the affected people from not changed what gave me a third eye where the number of people affected by the situation in society. The numbers were not as compelling to me as I had suspected.

The articles discoveries bolster past investigations demonstrating that a background marked by youth abuse might be related with psychopathic highlights and feature that disregard appears to have supremacy over maltreatment in connecting with psychopathic highlights and social attitude shortfalls (Mariella et al., 2016). One of the clarifications for this surprising outcome might be the limited example size of CG or the way that active investigations didn't control for the situation.

The best topic for this article is social skills in adolescents. This entire article discusses about the maltreatment of children and their social skills as they choose to take a look at the signs of early maltreatment symptoms in the specified area. The thing that caught my attention in the article was the number of children and youths who have faced maltreatment, yet no one has taken the initiative to help them.


Ometto, M., de Oliveira, P. A., Milioni, A. L., Dos Santos, B., Scivoletto, S., Busatto, G. F., ... & Cunha, P. J. (2016). Social skills and psychopathic traits in maltreated adolescents. European child & adolescent psychiatry, 25(4).

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