Essay Sample on Career Interest Cluster Surveys: Convenience & Guidance for Students

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Date:  2023-02-12


Career Interest Cluster Surveys offers students with guidance on the best career to choose based on their response to a variety of questions on specific interests. Based on the response given, the top three career clusters of interests are taken as representative of the respondent's career. Although different career cluster interest surveys may be testing similar cluster-based interests, their approach differs.

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Each survey is a convenience in its perspective. For instance, the iSeek Career Cluster Interest Survey offers an option to select various options after which one clicks next. This provides a unique way for one to select answers without becoming bias that would arise from having all the options on a single page. Both surveys have a wide variety of questions for the student to choose from the options given, however, iSeek Career Cluster Interest Survey has more options to choose from compared to Advance CTE career interest survey making it more informative and detailed. Conversely, Advance CTE Career Cluster Interest Survey has options divided into three sets of questions classified under one box (Advance CTE, n.d.). This form of structure provides an easy to work on and understand the organization. It makes it easy for the student to choose from various options and circle the option that effectively describes the student.

The options given may not be satisfactory enough to describe the career of the student. For instance, the advance CTE Career Cluster Interest Survey has few options to choose from and the student may lack a suitable option to choose from. Also, advance CTE Career Cluster Interest Survey prompts the user to count the number of circle items in the box, they are tedious compared to the iSeek survey which performs such calculations.

Each of the career surveys targets the appropriate content of CTE by asking questions that are specific to each career objective. The skills, hypothesis, and topics all rhyme to provide resonating answers. In this regard, the iSeek career survey allows the student to draw relations among the activities, personal qualities, and subject (Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, n.d.).

The two surveys ask questions that are appropriate to the level of the student. Moreover, the questions are easy to understand and decode their meaning. The advance CTE career survey relates closely to the age group by grouping the options/views systematically. A systematic organization of the options ensures a flow that is adaptive to the arranging concepts and skills possessed by the secondary students. The arranging skills match the skills of the students and this makes it appropriate. Besides, the simplicity of the questions and instructions befits the age of the group of students.

One way to change the survey is to include more questions that focus on the specifics of each career. Having more options would aid in supporting the hypothesis hence preventing the repetition of a view over time and eliminating the business. Moreover, a variety of options improves the quality of the survey making it more satisfactory and effective. This would be an effective way to change both career surveys since they are all limited in terms of options.


In conclusion, the two career cluster interest surveys are aimed at identifying career interests, however, they differ in terms of their structure and approach. A survey that offers more options to express an individual's view is better and more effective in describing a career. An insightful career survey aids in capturing the interests of the respondent.


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