Essay Sample on Belief in God and American Culture

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Date:  2022-11-13

Feelings on how the idea of submitting all of your will, desires, and self to God?

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"Anyone who wants to follow me must deny themselves and take up their cross and submit themselves unto thee." This is one quote that specifically strengthens me and serves as a constant reminder that, when giving up oneself for the service of Christ there should be no turning back, no matter the cost or price they have to pay. Coz whoever wants to save their lives will lose it but whoever is willing to lose their lives for Christ will find it. I am therefore very positive in submitting my all since I believe that the highest understands what it takes and he will never test us beyond what we can endure.

Beliefs on how God has your best interest in mind in asking you to do this? Why or why not

God always has our best interests in plan no matter how trying or difficult a situation may appear. All that is required of us is the unwavering faith that allows us to remain steadfast and strong on the grounds that we stand. The thoughts that the Savior has for us are thoughts of prosperity and not destruction. Thoughts of victory and not loss and despair. It is said that those who remain faithful and committed to thee shall be uplifted and exalted in the presence of their persecutors. I, therefore, believe that God has my best interests in mind in every step that he guides me to take.

How is the idea of dying to ourselves contrary to what American culture tells us is the key to finding life? Give an example of where the culture's ideas may sound good but don't really pay off with the life it promises.

The American culture has taken a significant influence on people's lives today and many people have become dependent upon the views and opinions that the worldly oriented individuals have to say. Christians believe in the concept of life after death and the everlasting paradise where all their suffering, trials and tribulations will come to an end. On the other hand, the American culture has a more scientific approach towards life and its concepts thus may sound good as a result of the reasoning and supporting facts behind it thus appeals to more people, unlike the Christian perspective that doesn't have a scientific and evidence base.

Is there an area of your life or beliefs that you don't want to submit to what you know is true in God's word the Bible or that you don't want to believe is true?

Trials and tribulations are everyday experiences in a believer's life. Having experienced so many low moments in life, I once in every while found myself struggling to fully submit to the almighty. I was frequently doubting the presence of the savior in my life and a part of me did not want to fully submit. Also believing in the bitter truth that we sometimes wished that it wasn't true has also been part of my trials in my Christian journey. Take for instance the killings of all the baby boys by the king to secure his throne. Should have God intervened or was it just but his will? Such are the occurrences that sometimes I wish were not true.

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