Essay Sample on Apple Inc.'s Innovative Culture: Achieving Industry Leadership

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Date:  2023-01-30


Apple incorporated has an innovative organizational structure. The features of this culture emphasize sustaining high levels of innovation which combine creativity as well as a mindset which challenges traditions and standards. Apple Inc. relies on the support and coherence of its culture to thrive in the competitive industry. These factors contribute to the competitiveness and industry leadership, which is essential in addressing the technological innovation as well as product development, which is highly aggressive in this industry. Furthermore, this culture is highly supported by the leaders within the organization who strive to ensure that the employees are motivated enough to develop their creative and innovative ideas.

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When companies have a culture that is clearly defined and is capable of supporting the business strategies, employees can understand the mission of the organization as well as identify where they fit within the plan. Apple's organizational culture encourages human resources to support several strategic objectives. The characteristics of the organization mirror the company's desire for creativity and innovation. Innovation is a critical factor which determines the competitiveness of the corporation in terms of technology, online services as well as consumer electronics (Meyer, 2019). The culture of innovation is beneficial for Apple as it facilitates the achievement of Apple's mission, vision, and objectives. As a result, the culture is designed to embrace and reward staff who are creative, innovative, and work to ensure that they succeed with winning creations. The outcome of such collaboration is a well-oiled machine where culture-fit employees are motivated and feel excited and satisfied with the work they do as demonstrated by Apple Incorporated.

Ideas such as corporate responsibility, decision making, and ethics greatly influence the success of any strategy. For instance, when developing a plan, it is essential to identify who will be involved in the process as well as determining which employee will be responsible for what tasks. This step ensures that the work is adequately distributed as well, and every individual is accountable for their part of strategy implementation. Furthermore, corporate responsibility ensures that the organization considers the consequences of its strategy to the society it serves. Decision making focuses on the leadership involved when making strategic plans. According to Bersin (2012), high-performing companies understand that aligning the leadership strategy to the business strategy results in the success of the organization. As a result, they are likely to build a leadership development program that uniquely supports, trains, and selects staff that will help to drive the business strategy and eventually to execute the organization culture. In regards to ethics, the organization should ensure that all their strategic plans observe the ethical conditions such as the legal requirements of the country they operate. Therefore, these ideas should be included in a strategic plan as they will help the organization to create and implement its strategic plan successfully. Furthermore, including these ideas will also help to reinforce the organizational culture of the company and at the same time enhancing employee and company performance. In turn, this will motivate the employees to perform better while at the same time driving them to accomplish their responsibilities.


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