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ADHD is among the most under looked or rather overlooked mental disease that affects kids and few adults in the society we live in. Many studies have been directed towards discovering more about this devastating mental condition, with some even denouncing its occurrence or presence in our community today. However, other studies conclude that the disease is prevalent among the population and even recommending some ways of dealing with the menace. Many of the patients or parents and guardians of affected individuals must support the denunciation of the disease existence but recent scientific evidence indicates that the condition actually affects more people than it was previously thought to.

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Many scholars of today have favourably claimed that ADHD does not exist. Discovered in 1937 by the renown Dr. Charles Bradley even going as far as giving the medical recommendations like the Benzedrine stimulant, children with this condition have been for years been regarded to be having minimal dysfunction as opposed to being mentally challenged as the term suggests. The symptoms designed to diagnose this disease do not help in the debunking of the myths that have so far plagued this condition and those bearing it for decades passed by. Most professionals simply view it as a condition that goes away with age and a little practice. However, some cases reveal a serious condition that is severe enough to lead to the necessity of medical intervention. These include sleep disorders, vision, and impairedness in hearing that need medical intervention remaining undiagnosed, allergies, depressive disorders among others and substance and abuse of drugs. Bipolar disorders are also among those that lead to a diagnosis of these mental diseases. Those who argue against the presence of this overlooked the diseases vesting their hopes on modern medical science while still denying that the condition was more of a mental condition than regular treatable diseases. The medicines designed to counter and fight these diseases, however, have their own shortcomings. The medicine=s used to control these conditions are very powerful, they could render on psychotic even when they at first seemed or were normally sane and most commonly alleviated the symptoms of psychosis. This conclusion will lead us to conclude that even though the conditions might exist, the medical symptoms used to diagnose were much worse and referring to the existence of the medical condition as the populations had initially conceived.

Due to the numerous symptoms presented, researchers were forced to recognize that medically diagnosed ADHD existed due to the symptoms presented. Organization of the efforts to achieve the medical goals in winning the efforts war against these probable ADHD symptoms always hit a dead end since many of the general populations qualified for these symptoms. It could no longer be denied thus that ADHD existed among the populations and the involved scientists and participants deserved a commendation.

The main single disadvantage about these drugs and stimulants introduced to handle cases of the devastating mental condition involved other severely harmful drugs and others ruining the intervention and others even being classified as possibly contributing to the ongoing and increasing epidemic.

Teachers, as well as parents of students suffering from this condition, have been widely known to denounce its existence given science a second chance of thought. The effects even go as far as including conditions that were not considered in the past. Girls were found to suffer from the condition than their male counterparts. Their medical risk of contracting the affected patients is so high that the western countries have come to discover just how much they had missed this crucial aspect. The women have determined that the condition affected those of the Hispanic population. This component of medicine is not entirely unfounded since substantial research was mobilized toe=wards its diagnosis and treatment plans.

The necessity to enrol our children in school makes it mandatory that the populations are well equipped with the technology and ability to handle these diseases as opposed to the overlooking of the diseases that could be much, more devastating to those the people had seen before. The majority of the population today still believe that the mental conditions such as the ADHD exist and deserve national recognition and acknowledgment of discovering and designing ways to fight the diseases effectively.

From our analysis of the conditions and experiences of ADHD survivors, we have long come to the conclusion that diseases such as ADHD exist among the population even though most people would blatantly disregard this phenomenon. Complications are mostly genetically borne and mutate inside the unfortunate host, rapidly spiralling out of control and infecting the areas that would not be affected at first. Our conclusion leads us to arts depict images and art combined could not believe that their allies could have been able to attack them so viciously as they did, that they decided to initiate pushes to their ranks that would compromise the information available to their generals.

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