Essay Sample on Active Listening: Enhance Your Job Efficiency & Relationships

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Date:  2022-12-28


Effective conversation requires certain aspects for it to attain the established goals and objectives. One of these is listening which is one of the most crucial skills that one can possess. The way a person listens has a significant effect on their job efficiency and the quality of associations with others as well. However, listening should be active for the overall skills to be enhanced. In active listening, one makes a reasonable determination to hear the words of the other party and further complete the message being communicated. As such, for this to be done, it is relevant for one to pay keen attention to the other party. The utilization of active listening response can be explored in a real conversation undertaken.

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In the real conversation held, active listening techniques were demonstrated. One of these was through receiving the message being passed by the speaker. As such, all other sounds were isolated from the message and what was said was then construed. It is important to note that attending to the message was the most crucial part of receiving it since sounds lacked meaning until they were given a framework (DeVito, 2019). Therefore, the beginning of the conversation was significantly influenced by the receiving technique since the underlying message being passed was obtained. On the other hand, there was the element of understanding where the meaning of the message in the conversation was acquired. In this case, questions were raised in the course of the conversation to fill in any gaps and further obtain a better comprehension of the message (Jones, Bodie & Hughes, 2016). Hence, in this way, the original meaning of the conversation was determined by both parties.

The response in the conversation was also quite different from the other ones previously held since the role of the parties was determined, that is through either the verbal or non-verbal cues. The conversation at this stage also entailed asking questions and nodding or giving praise. In this way, the feedback was being given to the speaker and regularly to demonstrate interest (Chase & Shamo, 2013). As such, the aspect of responding which is an essential active listening technique was observed in this case.

Moreover, the contents of the conversation were remembered due to the effective listening applied. Also, the queries raised in the course of the talk ensured that all essential details were gathered. The capability to remember what was being said is also a depiction of ensuring that the conversation continues and does not halt or is taken back due to one always seeking clarification of what had been previously said by the other party (Jones, Bodie & Hughes, 2016).

Certain aspects were evident in this conversation that made it different from the previous ones. One of these entails paying attention by looking directly at the speaker and not allowing any distractions from environmental factors. There was also the utilization of body language and gestures to depict that one is engaged. As such, it entailed smiling and applying other facial expressions and ensuring that one's posture is open and interested as well. However, in previous conversations, these essential elements were absent making it quite ineffective, and one became easily uninterested in continuing conversing. Besides, the response was appropriately made (DeVito, 2019). One of the primary purposes of active listening was exhibited in this case which is to encourage reverence and understanding. One usually gains information and perspective and thus should assert opinions respectfully and offer an open and honest response.

The practice of having a productive conversation will have an impact on communication even in the future. One of these is through ensuring that there are no interruptions whereby the person speaking is allowed to complete what they are saying (Jones, Bodie & Hughes, 2016). Additionally, the element of misunderstanding was also highlighted and will be quite vital even in the future. Seeking clarification is an essential part of communication especially with words or intentions of the speaker. In this way, one will be in a position to offer useful feedback and which will also be in line with the message being passed. Besides, it was noted that emotions act as a barrier to proper communication and it is thus necessary to ensure that one does not hold conversations when they are overly sad or angry (Chase & Shamo, 2013). In this way, communication behavior will always be efficient.


The essay has explored the elements of active listening techniques in a conversation. It has been observed that specific techniques were evident in a conversation held. There was the receiving of the message and the aspect of comprehending the meaning of the message. Also, the response was different due to the different roles of the parties involved and contents easily remembered as well due to effective listening. There were also questions raised in the conversation that ensured all vital information was gathered. It was thus evident that more attention was paid in this conversation than the past ones and there was more utilization of body language and gestures to demonstrate that one is engaged. Therefore, in this way, future conversations will be productive since one had learned the importance of seeking clarification and eradicating emotions that act as a barrier to proper communication.


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