Essay Example on Lieutenant Colonel Adam and His Leadership Style

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Date:  2021-04-16

Professionally, Lieutenant Colonel Adam was an Air Force aeronautical engineer. He was a very respectable officer who had achieved a lot during his time, having held various positions such as the captain, major and later Lieutenant. In his time, he had achieved various things such as being able to complete several qualifications while still in the office. Further, he was a motivational officer, and he had the skills of solving problems. One of the challenges he faced while solving problems was that he used to create another problem and this created a hard time for those officers who remained behind him in the office.

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Summary of the Facts Associated with the Case Including Primary Leaders

The primary fighting unites completed in aircrews, one thousand families and equipment must be moved into new bases and should start to function on 1st August. The other base that was left that is; personnel strength both in the military and civilians should be reduced by 30% each. The base should be in a position to receive two thousand soldiers who are new and are expected to come in two years.

A Description of Skills and Traits of the Primary Leaders in this Case

Lieutenant Colonel Adam believed that leaders should be individuals who are always front and leading the members in the society. This belief emerged as one of his character traits. Ideally, leaders are portrayed by the community as people who have unique gifts, and they can go to the extent of doing amazing work. Therefore, leaders are perceived as individuals who are different form one another, and this unusual trait they have come from the unique gifts they own.

Skilled Based Leadership Model

Experienced-based leadership model identifies the roles of leaders and analyzes the dynamic that comes in between skills and knowledge about the way of how leaders perform their work. This model is divided into five components which are conscientious influences, openness, neuroticism, agreeableness, and extraversion. At first, lieutenant colonel succeeds in meeting almost all of his targets, but there were a lot of challenges which hindered his performance. For, instance, he did not achieve his long-term plans, and he was not successful in looking into the future, and also lieutenant colonel was not ready for the government to acknowledge his applicants. It was also noted that Lieutenant Adam did not adequately prepare his new soldiers so well and did not think of the amount needed for the maintenance of the base before the soldiers came in. Adams superior got a received considerable amount of complaints from other officers about his leadership. All the challenges he faced while in office proves his shortcomings as a leader.


The general performance of Lieutenant Colonel Adam was average. His performance was affected by the fact that he was rapidly promoted from Major to a Lieutenant, without gaining the required experience. Notably, he was one of the victims of being a good employee and a poor manager. This is one of the examples of an employee who got promoted and starts performing the work of a manager without getting a good mentor, a coach or getting support.


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