Essay Sample on 35 Years of Automation: The Company That's Changed Little

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Date:  2023-04-10

In the article, the company has been in operation for at least 35 years and has prided itself on paying its workers with high salaries and more significant benefits as well as maintaining most of its original workers since it began its operation. This is the main issue in the company since the company has not changed at all. Much of the company's work has been automated, and robots are doing much of the much. The only thing the company requires is a few personnel that is the technician and the supervisor to make sure that the robots are working efficiently. Comparing this with how they started 35 years ago would explain that the workload than was high compared to know, and this is the main contributor to why the employers feel that they are a bit demotivated. Even the engineers are doing nothing compared to how they used to work in the early days because they only have stored all their designs in the computers such that whenever a model is required, the only have to modify a bit from the existing ones. Yet they have a reputation of paying better and maintaining employees they started with.

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Furthermore, there is evidence in the company relentless to change because the only role of the engineer is to modify a bit the design that is already in their computers whenever a plan is required .which shows the company only changes the existing creation that was being generated by the computers algorithm no longer the engineers' creativity. The robots had replaced the engineer's initial work; hence they lacked that usual urge and urgency to work since the task had been simplified. Due to this, the engineer is very idols in their line of work since they had no much work to do except editing one or two incomplete computer creations. It is this lack of challenge to develop new creations that may lead to a lack of motivation due to boredom involved in doing the same thing the same way almost every day.

Also, there is less involvement in decision making, because most of the significant decisions in the company are made by the CEO and the president of the company. It is evident because they are the ones meeting prospective corporate clients and negotiate the prices and the building parameters. It is because they are the only ones who can make these calls as to who they do business with and how the buildings are constructed for the clients. The rest of the workers are left to accomplish what is already decided. It is affecting them because, at times, you would want to upgrade on an idea, but given the fact that you are allowed, you have to continue doing the same thing in a similar, making it incredibly dull.

A recent study revealed that people are driven by the desire to pursue and achieve specific goals and not necessarily the reward itself (Magelinskait. Kepalaite, Legkauskas,2014). Life is all about goals, and if you meet one goal, you have to set another for your experience to be relevant. For the engineers, their goals are to create and build impressive buildings that are up to date. Only that, this cannot be the case since the computer is doing it all, for this reason, the drive to work was shifted to other areas of life because less energy or involvement was required in their line of work. Their only role was to monitor whether the designs that were being created by the computer algorithm that would be used in construction and rectify any error that would arise from the algorithm design. It would be straightforward work for someone who used to do all of this work alone before automation. Lack of involvement in decision making in a workplace has been termed as a contributing factor to a lack of motivation by many employees (Bhuiyan, 2010).

Furthermore, they are said to be "predominantly working," meaning their ever in the same place every week, and they only get just three weeks a year vacation a year. Engineers are rarest involved due to much of their work being done by robots. Rarely do they strain as they used to when creating during the initial stages of the company .lately, the only task is to make a few changes, and that's all.

Poor communication is another issue that is contributing to a lack of motivation for the supervisor, technician, and the construction crew. In previous research, a lack of communication in a working site was a significant cause of poorly motivated workers, and poor quality works by engineers (Ng, Skitmore, Lam, & Poon2004). The employers are wondering why there is a lack of motivation, but they would better off sitting down and talking with their employees. The other issue that would have cause is feeling unappreciated by the employer. Appreciating your employing by frequently praising the quality of work is fundamental for the motivation of workers in any working place (Lewis, 2011). Both CEO and president are not the type of people who would be found in construction sites praising and motivating their workers. They would be busy negotiating prices and building parameters with prospective corporate clients.

The CEO and the president may be able to set things right in their company, but they must make some changes. First, they need to acknowledge that their advancement in technology and the use of robots replaced some employee's relevance in the company, and thus their motivation was gone. Therefore they should find a better way to utilize their employees by involving them in the negotiation of their projects and structures to be build or other company's activities to avoid them being an idol. Secondly, create excellent communication within the organization. In that, they should have frequent meetings to listen to their pleas and also visit them in their working places and motivate them for their excellent work. Finally, it should involve mostly the two engineers, technicians, and supervisors in their decision making of the company to enhance their feeling of being part of it and being involved in the companies' affair. The employers should find ways to make the engineers more involved in their work other than just doing simple editing of the already existing creativity.


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