Essay Sample: Chinese Food Is One of the Best Food Branch in the World

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Date:  2021-04-19

Chinese food is an integral part of Chinese culture around the world ad this includes cuisines from various areas of China as well as the variants of Chinese cuisine that have come into their own in the diaspora such as American Chinese food. Chinese food and food culture are as diverse as the geography, and population distribution in Chin is. Each of the foods of a particular place is heavily reliant on the ingredients that the people can easily access. From the intricate mosaic that is Chinese culture, Chinese food completes an essential part of that culture and is one of the cultural identifying factors of the Chinese. Chinese food now not only describes the foods that are explicitly made in Mainland China and the diaspora but also refers to the foods in and around Asia that are heavily influenced by Chinese food. This essay is aimed at attempting to prove that Chinese food is the best branch of food in the whole world. The objective of this essay hence is to convince the reader of the advantages of the Chinese branch of food and why it is the best in the whole world.

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One of the main reasons why Chinese food is the best food branch in the entire world is because of the inherent holistic nature of the cuisine. Many of the ingredients and spices that are employed in the preparation especially of traditional Chinese foods have medicinal properties. Though these are mostly medicines applied by shamans and traditional Chinese healers, some of these herbal medicines have been validated as vital even with the advance of Western bio-scientific medicine. Red yeast rice is one example of such food which doubled as food and as medicine in the traditional Chinese medicine paradigm and which has been known for centuries to improve blood circulation. The cholesterol-lowering abilities of red yeast rice have been attributed to the presence of a group of metabolites belonging to the family of polyketides which help in regulating blood cholesterol levels. Eating such Chinese food is therefore not only good because eating is healthy, but it is healthy because of the foods medicinal qualities.

The preparation technique is also one of the factors that make the Chinese food branch to be the best in the world. Food fermentation is a widespread and an ancient technology in the preparation of food in China. The red yeast rice mentioned in the preceding paragraph is one of the many foods that involve fermentation in their preparation. Lactic acid bacteria participates in many of these fermentation processes, especially of traditional Chinese cuisine. Lactic acid bacteria improve the quality and the safety of the food being prepared. The lactic acid bacteria also help in easing the digestibility of food, therefore, ensuring optimal absorption and retention by the human body.

Besides the many health benefits of Chinese food, the Chinese food branch is the best in the world owing to its status and heritage as a relic of cultural and regional integration and an artistic symbol of the diversity of China and the Chinese people. From the Himalayas to Mongolia, China is a geographically diverse country with many different cultures. Each of the culture's approach to nutrition and Chinese traditional medicine influenced the cuisine, and this was complimented by the fact that people could only utilize the ingredients that were readily accessible to them. As integration and exchange among these subcultures continue to go on, Chinese cuisine is being woven into a beautiful work of art that has a pinch of something different from a different region or tradition in China. `

This essay, therefore, considering the above arguments, concurs that Chinese food branch is the best in the whole world. Though there are several other reasons which could be presented to prove that Chinese food is the best on earth, the claim of being the best in the world is a byproduct of cultural egotism subject to evaluation. However, Chinese food has some inherent qualities that make the food branch a legitimate contender for the best food in the world.

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