Essay on The Monarch: Robert the Bruce and Scotland's Civil War

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Date:  2022-12-27

In the year 1306, Scotland was going through a tough time. Bruce had proclaimed himself as a king after the brutal execution of William Wallace. Robert the Bruce had also stabbed Comyn after an argument making him excommunicated, but six weeks later he was crowned as a king and Scotland plunged into a civil war. Robert the Bruce was born with great lineage on both sides of his family. His father was said to be a descendant from Scottish kings while his mother was an heiress to the Earl of Carrick. As a king, Bruce had many successful battles all around Scotland using guerrilla warfare. This paper will analyze the reasons why Robert Bruce was worthy or unworthy king of Scotland.

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Bruce was a worthy king of Scotland because he had a series of successful attacks on English strongholds in the south. Bruce hid in the mountains and caves where he suffered through many hardships for the Scotland nation this showed that Bruce was a good king who loved his kingdom. Bruce changed Scotland tactics where he became a commander of guerrilla warfare which won many victories at Loudon hill making him a worthy king. Bruce was a worthy king because of defeating the Comyn faction at Inverurie where he procured control of over the realm North of Perth and Dundee. Bruce did many heroic things for the sake of Scotland freedom "he proved his worthiness to secure the kingdom of Scotland with his heroic efforts against the English at the battle of bannock burn in 1314". Bruce was a legend who loved Scotland kingdom and he faced many challenges fighting for it which shows that he was a worthy king.

Bruce was a ruthless king who crushed those who opposed him, and he forced them into exile; for this reason, he proved to be unworthy king of Scotland. Robert the Bruce was a bad king because to become a king he had to stab John Comyn with a dagger creating more violence so that his supporters can kill Comyn with his uncle. He did this because of always wanting to be a king and Comyn was on his way. Bruce killed the most powerful noble in Scotland because if his ambitions and beliefs that he has right to the throne which shows that he was not a worthy king of Scotland. "He had himself proclaimed king of Scotland in the presence of four brothers, three bishops and several barons." This shows that Bruce made himself the king without the support of scots which shows that he was unworthy king.


In conclusion, Bruce was a brave and victorious king who led many battlefields for the success of Scotland kingdom. He was educated, familiar with politics and he spoke in several languages. Although he did some questionable things in his life, he was a worthier king than unworthy because he made many changes in Scotland that influenced greater events. These are leading a successful war which made Scotland kingdom emerge as a winner. The things that he did that are considered unworthy, every other king in those eras also did them. To become a king one has to show power and bravery which Bruce proved on many occasions. He even suffered for the sake of his kingdom which showed that he was a worthy king.


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