Essay on Sociological Eye and Sociological Imagination

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Date:  2022-03-31


Sociology refers to a scientific discipline that mainly deals with how the society works. The sociological eye refers to the act of looking at things for what they are from individual to group behavior patterns and then develop theories and ideas about them. This essay discusses the sociological eye and the sociological imagination concerning the society.

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The sociological eye encourages individuals to view the real-world situations which include mass incarceration, collective movements, inequality and climate change from a sociological perspective. The sociological eye enables an individual to see what others are not in a position of seeing as it helps a person to analyze a situation from different perspectives and discern social patterns. Knowing more about the social patterns helps a person to be more aware of how the larger society work. Through the awareness, a person can take the relevant steps towards change to be able to fit in the society (In Korgen, In White, & In White, 2016).

Social imagination is the awareness that exists between the wider society and personal experience. Sociological thought is an exercise that everyone should attempt and should not be limited to professors only. From the sociological imagination perspective, a good scholar does not separate work from life. Sociological imagination assists an individual not only to consider the familiar routines of daily life. The social imagination tries to explain that social outcomes are greatly influenced by what people do. Some outcomes that are experienced within the society are as a result of certain actions. Some of the things that people do that affect others include the social context, norms, and motives. Social context can refer to the country that a person lives in the people they associate with and period. The social imagination further stipulates that the values people have, the manner in which people around us act and the situation of a person tend to shape the activities and the things that a person engages in. Sociological imagination enables the mind to understand the interplay that exists between the society and an individual (Scott & Nilsen, 2014).

I find the sociological imagination to be more appealing. This is because the sociological imagination helps an individual to connect what is happening in their own life and other people lives to the social patterns in the society. This is essential as it assists a person to be able to solve their problems by understanding that some of the problems one faces other people face the same challenge in the society and hence one is required to think beyond the problem and come up with various solutions on how to handle the problem. When people can relate to some societal issues, they tend to be in a better position of determining if the problems they are facing require a change to better their daily lives as well of others. Our social imagination can help make a difference in the society and shape it as well. Sociological imagination is essential to assist individuals to behave appropriately within their social environments by following the set norms. The social imagination can be used in the working environment and, meetings.


In conclusion, the sociological eye refers to the way in which a person views the world from personal to group behavior and then develops theories and ideas regarding those patterns. Sociological imagination enables individuals to connect the micro level to the macro level and differentiating personal problems and social issues. Social imagination enables people to relate the situations that are happening in their daily lives to the national, global and local social issues that are affecting them.


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Scott, J., & Nilsen, A. (2014). C. Wright Mills and the Sociological Imagination: Contemporary Perspectives. Edward Elgar Publishing.

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