Essay on Running Away From the Problem

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Date:  2022-05-22


"Problem will not be solved by running away. He cannot listen to the glib suggestion of those who urge him to migrate en masse to other sections of the country." Luther King Junior writes the content. It aims at urging people to step up and be strong enough to stop being chased away from problems (King, 2011). The author points out that instead of the problem causing one to run away, it is a prudent idea that one gathers courage and surface the problem as well as handle it. I do strongly agree with the statement and the concept behind it.

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First, problems exist in all settings. No matter where one goes, the issues still catch up in one way or the other. Therefore, by running away, it does not help at all. In fact, running away is an impractical way of handling the problem. This is because wherever you run to, in one way or the other a challenge autonomously will come again. Issues are everywhere; therefore running away is not the answer towards it.

Secondly, every problem has a solution. Problems arise because of an absolute reason, and it is meant towards achieving a particular goal. The cause of the problem forms the basis for curbing the problem. One needs to address the problem, analyze, and be in the position to rise over the cause. Solving the problem entails surpassing its demand and the purpose and subdues every loophole to show that you are in control. Because the problem has a solution, it is manageable as well. People run away from the element that has no solution. Researchers state that the solution to the problem is simple, you need to address the cause of the problem so that to curb the eruption of the problem. Since the problem has a solution, it is not, therefore, something to make someone run away. Instead, a guaranteed solution is just behind the cause that needs to be addressed.

Thirdly, the aspect of handling the problem does not require any unique attributes like being a skilled government person or being associated with the courageous scenario. The problem affects every person, and each person can manage and rise above the difficulties in life. Whether young or elderly, whether male or female, everyone possesses the ability and power to control the problem that is exposed to at any given time. It is so because the problems relate to you and affect your performance and interaction. In my case, for example, my problem does concern me, started with me, and therefore I am the one who effectively comprehends the cause of the problem to the most elegant details. It as well takes me to be able to utilize the information that I have concerning the issue and define the appropriate way of handling it. This does not require me being a government advisor to do it. Solving a problem starts with me, and I have the details that are necessary and crucial towards handling the problem. Therefore, every person is capable of handling the issue no matter the economic class, ethical standards and social as well as cultural background among other factors. Underestimating the abilities we do hold makes us run away from the problem yet we are more than capable of solving it effectively.

Lastly, I do support King Luther Junior is stating that the problem should not be avoided because they help us learn a lot from them (King, 2011). By solving the problems, we find an opportunity to learn more about the causes of the problem to avoid them in future. Similarly, if the same problem reoccurs in future time, it will be comfortable handling it and even manage it perfectly than the previous time. As compared to running away, we lose the ability to stop recurrence of the same problem. Problem-solving is a skill that is developed when we stop running away from them. If we end running away from the problem, we learn to be determined, focused, courageous and other many virtues that are desired in the society. We learn to be role models to others due to our bravery. If we stop running from the problem helps we fight for what is legal, and many people and generations enjoy the results.

King Luther Junior hit the nail on the head by vividly speaking against running away from the problem (King, 2011). It should be the characteristics that the society should absorb and emulate. It is vital for the community to recognize the essence of what King Luther Junior speaks about.

In my personal life running away from the problem does not help at all. When I went to the party at the Fancy nightclub in New York called le Bain on Friday during a public holiday, I was not allowed to enter completely. There was nothing wrong with going to party neither had I done something wrong. I had to inquire as to why the situation was that way. According to the officers in charge of the entry, they claimed that I was not dressed like a person who is going to the party. During that day, I had covered respectably since that is my mode of dressing. Scanning the other people, they wore dresses and attires that exposed some of their bodies. I wanted to party that day, after all, it was a holiday, but I was not given a chance to do so. I had to return home so that the next day I can revisit to seek a proper clarification on why I was not allowed to party. I met with the manager, and we talked about it. Through the conversation, the manager understood that what the officer did was unacceptable. I nowadays go there dressed respectably to party. I did not run from the problem, but I had to address it so that I can help myself as well as others when they come next time.

Another incident was this: when I was working as a waiter in American restaurant called American Social, I did not understand the order from the client because of the noise. When I begged a pardon, the people started to laugh at me. I had situation to address because I understood everything that took place in the latter. Even though they laughed at me, I did not run at all. I decided to talk with them with no violence and educate them that laughing at somebody is not a prudent idea. We engaged with each other and showed them why they were wrong. The conversation was fruitful since the problem was handled and it rarely recurs. My fellow waiter also does so in such cases due to the example I laid for them not to run when the problem arises.

The day without Latinos' was an experience that showed that people should not run away from the problem (Renee, 2017). During this time in the United States, President Trump wanted to make immigrants as something they should be afraid of by appointing the deputy as an immigrant. Thousands of activists in Wisconsin joined hands in marching against the move of appointing the deputy Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer as part of the President Trump executive order (Renee, 2017). Many people joined the march from very many places to stop such activity. In fact, the community members and supporters stayed away from the work as well as purchases to protest. The people did not run but composed themselves to seek for a solution by marching against the cause.


It is an urge therefore, that in the situation of the problem, the option should not run away. Instead, the first thing should be to determine in finding the solution. It proves of or courageous nature and positive mind. It is easy to stay and find the solution than to run away only to get caught the problem again.

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