Essay on Re-Designing Wards at McLean Hospital to Reduce Aggression in Mental Illness Patients

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Date:  2023-05-23

At McLean hospital, in patients diagnosed with mental illness, does re-designing wards with stress free compartments reduce patients' aggression toward nurses in a 12-month period compared to traditional designed wards?

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P Patients diagnosed with mental illness At McLean hospital: These study focuses on patients diagnosed with mental illness because of primarily two reasons. Firstly, patients diagnosed with mental illness are assessed to be the ones displaying most aggressive behaviors to nurses. This is according to a research by ERP (Environmental Research and Public Health). The research by ERP was conducted in regional hospitals, Mc Lean hospital being one of them contributed to the results that patients with mental illness are the most aggressive. The mentioned reason is why the study has to focus on mental patients as the main persons in the study. A second reason why the target is metal patients is that nurses who deal with patients with mental illnesses are the ones that possibly suffer the highest consequences that come from patient aggression. Cases of depression and nurses quitting the job are immensely reported from the nurses who care for the mentally ill. By the study analyzing the mentally ill, it becomes a way of helping the nurses find a way of avoiding depression and job resignation on the part of the nurses (Lonstein, 2016).

I Re-designing the wards with stress free compartments Redesigning the ward with stress free compartments has worked in reducing stress for patient with dementia. This finding was completed in research study conducted by the pub med government research. Since dementia is related to mental illness, the nearest possible solution is redesigning the wards with stress free compartments. Since it works the other side it might work for this scenario just as the research is about to reveal (Waller, 2012).

C Traditional designed wards: The redesigned wards are compared with traditional wards. Research by the NCBI revealed that traditional wards contributed to 10% of the stress patterns that patients displayed in Mclean wards (Reiling et al., 2004). By redesigning the wards maybe the results might be different.

O Reduction in patients' aggression toward nurses At the end of the research study the outcome should be that patients show reduction in aggressive behavior. The outcome would mean the study and its findings are absolutely in line with the hypothesis. If the patients persist with aggressive behavior it will only mean that redesigning the wards with stress compartments does not reduce the aggressive nature of patient with mental illnesses (Pekurinen et al., 2017).

T 12 months; this study is a longitudinal study, which depends on time and observations to work out. 12 months of research as an element allows the researcher time for growth and development of the study (Bryce, 2016). It allows time for dynamic elements to be introduced in the research which is just the perfect time needed.


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