Essay on Performance Appraisal and the Law

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Date:  2022-05-16


A business set to proper conducts performance appraisal to determine the market value, company possession awareness, concrete properties, and security of the business. There are three major areas which are of interest while conducting such activities. Among the categories are the employees' performance appraisal, performance appraisal methods, and appraisal feedback process.

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A company's management has a duty to establish the rules and regulations that each member of the organization is expected to follow. The strategies consist of the rewards that an employee gets when they contribute positively to the organization (Expert Appraisal, 2017). For a manager to establish a successful employee's performance appraisal, they need to have a clear understanding of the company's major goal then structure an objective which will assist in meeting the set targets. The employees' performance appraisal also communicates to the employees about the opportunities developing within the company (Richard, 2013). After the manager establishes a performance appraisal, communication to the employees is mandatory to avoid misinterpretations of prospects during the process of achieving the company's goal (Expert Appraisal, 2017). The performance appraisal should outline the major objective. Various methods that are direct to include setting standards in excellence, capacity and return on investment. Other specification may include capabilities, plasticity, and information.

Performance appraisal methods are an assessment of personalities with regards to how they perform their duties at work and how flexible they are to improve. The system is set to ration on the work-related characters, and the results acquired to establish motives for presentation (Richar, 2013). Performance appraisal methods also help to determine the future improvements required for the company to achieve the set strategy (Expert Appraisal, 2017). Employees are taken through the assessment to evaluate their competence in knowledge of the job, the quality of the services they offer, and how reliable they are in the company. The evaluation also focuses on the character of the employees since it also affects how they conduct their duties (Richard, 2013). The performance appraisal is set to achieve various objectives such as development required in the company, promotions, and competency. The assessment is useful to the development department since they able they can assess how far they are in achieving the set company's goal.

Once the performance appraisal is conducted, the feedback from both managers and employees is required. The process is referred as the performance feedback. The information included in the expected results from the laid out objectives and what the employees have managed to achieve. The manager then gives directives on areas that require improvement (Expert Appraisal, 2017). During the feedback process, the performing employees are rewarded while those that are not skilled enough are referred to further training (Richard, 2013). The process is based on the set targets by the managers. The feedback should include all the laid out process with the specifications rather than generalizing the objective goal.


Participating in the discussion assist in understanding the employees' performance appraisal and what is expected for the assessment to yield positive results. The discussion also broadened the idea of performance appraisal methods and how each is executed. The feedback is conducted by both managers and employees to ensure progress to the main theme of the company. However, there are different approaches that when incorporated during the performance appraisal is more profitable to the company. Employees should be involved in the setting of targets ensure that all areas requiring attention are covered. Stakeholders are also useful while laying out strategies since they can contribute ideas that will maximize a company's potential.


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