Why Michael Jordan Is the Best Basketball Player Essay

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Every individual in any profession has the question at the back of their mind, "Who is the best?" worlds over people will work towards identifying who has achieved the greatest success in their particular children. Some may be recognized for their achievements but not necessarily be declared as the best. However, it remains that there is often no definite answer to the question above, but society often spends a lot of time debating people's excellence and who they believe is the best.

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Who Is the Best Basketball Player?

The National Basketball Association is no different. For the past many years, basketball fans have had many arguments on who is the best player of all time. Basketball is a great sport that has produced many individuals who may rank as professionals in their particular field. Some of these players include Bill Russell, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Wilt Chamberlain always come to mind when thinking of the best basketball players. However, it remains clear that the best shooting guard will continue to be Michael Jeffrey Jordan.

Why Is Michael Jordan the Best Basketball Player?

There may be a lack of a specific way of ranking a player as the best especially when comparing them from different eras. The most efficient way, however, is to look at how effective the player was during their time. In the case of Michael Jordan, he was part of the ten All-NBA first teams. It essentially means that Jordan was among the best five players during the ten seasons. He was the NBA most valuable player up to five times, and many individuals believe that he should have had the titles more than five times. There was an instance during his career specifically in 1998 when the most valuable player went to Karl Malone, but people believed that it should have been Jordan. They think that Malone won it just because writers viewed Jordan to have won MVP enough times. Jordan had however been named NBAs defensive player of the year in the year 1988. He, however, remains to be the greatest NBA shooting guard by any calculation. During his career, Jordan won ten shooting guard titles. He still holds the most points per game in NBA history, which stands at 30.1.

He is ranked among the NBA best game winners of all time. He had to face the best teams during the initial stages of his career including the Boston Celtics and the Detroit Pistons. He, however, did his best until he reached his first ever NBA championships in 1991 and he never looked back since then. He got the MVP title six times, and those times he led the Bulls to their NBA titles. He had a compulsive desire to win, and it was what set him apart from his fellow players. The thing that separated Jordan from many of all time greats was his compulsive need to win. People still recognize him for the excellent skills he possessed as a shooting guard in NBA history. His career holds the record for the most clutch shots than any player in the history of the NBA.


Bill Russell may have been the winner of more championships in the NBA. Walt Chamberlain may have reached an average of fifty points per game in the span of a single season. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar may be the lead in all-time scoring, but when all the aspects of basketball come into play, Michael Jordan remains to be the best NBA player of all time.

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