Organizational Behavior Questions and Answers

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Date:  2022-03-29

Q 1.Explain the problem or problems

There is a misunderstanding between the PROscouting marketing team on hiring an athlete who is suspected to be on steroids. A worker who is a member of the marketing team is unable to decide on whether to employ the athlete or not. She is in a dilemma on how to uphold the company's mission without putting her career on the line. The employee also faces challenges in bringing the team on board on how to deal with the situation.

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Q 2. As the boss, what questions might you ask this employee to clarify your understanding? As the employee what questions might you ask your team to clarify your understanding?

The boss should not rush to deciding on the problem as reported by the employee. The boss should seek to understand how the employee concluded that the employee was using steroids. He should ask why the client could not convince the client not to take a drug test. At the same time, the boss should seek to understand why the employee is not working together with her team to ensure they agree. Finally, the boss should try to know why the implication of signing or not signing the athlete to the company.

To make a clarification and convince the team members, the employee should ask the employees why the athlete agent would not agree on a drug test if the athlete were clean. What would be implications of her signing the athlete and later put their professional ethics at risk? By signing the athlete, does it lead towards the achievement of the mission statement? The employee should also seek why the teammates were in a hurry to sign up the athlete. Finally, she should ask why the promotional client could only pick that athlete with no room for any other option.

Q 3. Analyze what might be the best leadership approach (from the options in your text) for the boss in this situation based on the mission statement and explain why

The boss should give the employee an opportunity to do her study to determine the decent level of the candidate. He should also contact other team members to understand why they believe the employee should sign the candidate in question. The boss should uphold the mission statement of the team of ensuring every goal of their team is met (Robbins, 2015). He should be supportive of the employee to ensure that they do not hire a candidate that will affect their future with the clients. As a leader, one should consider all the possibilities in solving problems. At the same time, leaders should be able to give directions to the organization after discussing their opinions.

Q 4. Based on your knowledge of conflict resolution from the chapter Reading, how might you resolve or respond to the problem(s) as the employee?

In conflict resolution, the employee needs to bring everyone on board to acknowledge the problem that is facing them. At the same time, they should consider the working goals that each team member is seeking to accomplish by signing up the athlete in question. Also, the employee should analyze the importance of the employee to the future of the company. How his ethical behavior might affect the goals of the company. She should also share the available alternatives of signing the athlete in question. Finally, she should come to a resolution on what to consider for the best of the company according to the mission statement.

Q 5. What if the employee does not hear back from her boss in time, what communication process particular to this scenario would you advise her to use to communicate effectively regarding the problem(s) to all concerned and why? Explain each communication process step (specific to the scenario) to be used regarding the resolution of this problem

The employee should consider the use of a formal method of communication to bring every concerned person on board. She should also use horizontal communication method, where she contacts the team leader first and proceed up the chain. After they have addressed the issue as a team, then she can seek assistance from the boss through a formal communication such as an email or the use of a memo. This is for record keeping in case of future reference.


Robbins, S.P. & Judge, T.A. (2015). Organizational behavior (16th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson

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