Essay on Masters in Management: Reasons to Pursue the Course

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Date:  2023-01-02

A masters degree in management is designed for graduates of bachelor's degree in business related courses as well as those who have no prior educational background in business field. Given that masters in management is a cheaper alternative and sometimes considered as a precursor of Masters of Business Administration to provide introductory training on leadership and entrepreneurship, i have several reasons that motivate me to pursue the course.

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One of the reasons is the flexibility in requirements for admission. A masters degree in management does not require an individual to have any type of work experience as criteria for admission. I think that is because the course is designed to inculcate and nurture a plethora of managerial and leadership skills as well as prepare them for real life experiences. Another motivation to pursue the course is that the degree is internationally-oriented. In the past three decades, globalization has increased at an unprecedented rate mainly due to technological advancements. In order to operated in such a interconnected world, it requires one to have a competitive edge which I believe a masters degree in management will provide. In addition, the course is very diverse hence enabling the students to choose from one of the many electives such as e-commerce, psychology of money, and business ethics. Also, the course includes practical experiences which I believe will make me more versatile and more capable to handle the challenges and meet the needs of the dynamic global market.

One of the most interesting things about the UBC Master of Management course is its practical orientation and the diversity of the community. In a highly competitive and dynamic world, having papers that prove academic qualification is not enough. Employers are now leaning more toward the creativity and personal ability of an individual to apply academic knowledge to develop unique solutions that address the existing problems. The UBC Masters of Management program provides that knowledge to its students through its courses that definitively focus on market research and creativity. From the University's website, I have learned that the courses are centered on active learning which significantly helps an individual to demonstrate their problem-solving abilities. Also, the Summer Study Abroad Opportunities enables the learner to interact with academicians and students from other partner countries across the world. I believe this program enables one to gain valuable insights, different cultural approaches to business, and different perspectives of the global business environment. In addition, the participants of this programme are able to create a wide business network that is critical after graduation. The interactions between people from different countries illustrates the degree to which the University treasures diversity. That diversity is reflected in the student population that comprises of people from different cultural, racial, religion, and political backgrounds. As a person who identifies to belong to one of the minority groups, this is utterly important to especially in the contemporary world where all sorts of attacks are directed at the minorities.

In three years time, I will have graduated and hopefully working in a firm that provides an opportunity to showcase my talents and develop my career. Although it is difficult to predict the exact picture of how the workplace will be, going by the history, it is expected that not much will have changed from now. In order to reflect how this course will have impacted me, I will look at the thoughts of alumni that have undertaken this course. Given that the workplace will not have changed that much and that we pursued a similar program, it is highly likely that we will have similar reflections. The University website has a blog where alumni write about their thoughts and experiences with different issues including how Masters of Management degree has nurtured them for the practical world.

When I joined UBC for the Masters of Management degree, it would be true to say that I had a monolithic type of thinking whereby I interpreted business events using traditional models. However, my time in the University together with the past months I have been working have significantly altered my view of the business world. In particular, the interactions between the diverse student community at the University who had different educational backgrounds (some completely unrelated to business like engineering), culture, and religion provided me an opportunity to learn how to approach a problem from different perspectives. At that time, it made little sense about how I would use such experiences but my time in commerce after graduation has taught me that having vast knowledge about different issues, cultures, disciplines, and ideologies is significantly important and increases your value to the organization.


With the social media increasingly becoming the primary platform for airing issues and channel for communication, I have come to appreciate the significance of the networks you form at the University. All graduates join the alumni community which regularly keeps in touch through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. LinkedIn is used as the primary medium of interaction between the alumni which are scattered over several fields such as finance, entertainment, and engineering. Through this alumni network, I have encountered individuals who have played a central role in the growth of my career. Some of them have become mentors and have others have become vital associates with whom I share ideas and brainstorm to develop solutions that advance my career. Importantly, the alumni community shares job and business opportunities which not only helps one's career but also your financial wellbeing. Therefore, it is impossible to underscore enough just how the networks formed while at the University are important after graduating.

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