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I came to understand that people are madly in love with Korean beauty and how makeup is being applied efficiently by women. However, I know that it is not easy to achieve younger looking Korean makeup tips and there are different beauty secrets that must be considered in order to accomplish the younger look. The Korean makeup is composed of different form such as the eyebrows, skincare education, daily or routine masking, their natural brown wavy hair and the Korean see-through fringe. In every section of the makeup application, there are often different steps that must be followed to achieve a younger look.

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I have also acknowledged the fact that eyebrow makeup is part of the Korean beauty. Eyebrow makeup tend to make one look young and fresh. When I compare Korean beauty to the Western beauty, I found out that Koreans go for thicker eyebrows which will make them look younger and lovely. To achieve a younger look they focus more on beauty education at a younger age. Korean parents particularly mothers often make sure that they have begun teaching their children on how to protect and take care of their skin at a younger age of about 10 years old. They hold that skin protection is very important and it will help in reducing future skin problems and diseases. Because of their head start in skincare culture, Koreans are now self-taught specialists and understand how to treat and protect their own skin problems in an effective manner.

I also believe that good skin is as a result of continuous devotion and protection. When it comes to makeup application, different female celebrities in Korea undergo at least a single facial sheet mask on daily basis. However, the process is not expensive and it is often taken as the alternative to costly facial treatments. The use of facial sheet masks assists them in applying makeup effectively because of the well-nourished face. Furthermore, I found out that it is very hard to notice ladies in Korea without considering their natural brown hair. Most of the Koreans like brown hair because they believe it makes someone look friendly and likable.

They mainly focus on the C-Curl such that the top half of the hair is not touched while the bottom section is slackly permed which gives the hair texture and shape. Their see-through fringe is very popular because many female celebrities in the country are believed to have gone for the hair cut. Other ways of achieving younger looking Korean makeup includes different ways of applying eyeshadow. I was able to interview Mathew Waitesmith who is a professional makeup artist. He was able to present different tips that will make one feel like an eyeshadow expert. Mathew advises ladies to use their fingers especially if they do not have time to brush their eyebrows.

He also suggests that they should be able to use cream shadow instead of powder particularly from a pencil or a pot if they need a quick application. In this case, the product used as a makeup should be tapped into the eyelid. Tapping permits its formation. He also recommends the use of foundation as eyeshadow. This trick is very awesome especially if the foundation is a bit darker than your skin tone mainly the same shades that would have been applied to contour the face. In case of a lady with fair skin, it will be important to use a product that is two shades darker and that kind of skin might not obtain a strong contrast.

It will also be important to apply the makeup all over lids. Mathew utilizes the Artis Elite Mirror Oval 4 brush which is very important as it gets locked to the lashes. An applicator that permits one to reach out the edge of the skin must be used. It is also important to highlight the eyelids using a metallic shadow. It is believed that highlighting eyelids is just the same as highlighting the face.

One should focus on applying a polished and a reflective color in the section that they are drawing their attention to. It is majorly in the middle of the eyelids and the interior sections of the eye. The brush should be utilized to tactically apply an iridescent color on the base shadow. He articulates that it is important to apply a powder for highlighting the lids as the creams might daub shadow which is on the eye. Another way of achieving younger looking Korean makeup is by keeping the makeup from running in case one is sweating. Jackie Gomez, head of the Make Up For Ever Academy thus presents different tips that can be used to prevent the fade.

She said that one can use a primer which prevents makeup from sliding. They include mattifying and smoothing primers which are very effective during hot days. She also recommends that is important to set your make up using powder and spray. One of the makeup artist known as Hector Simancas holds that it is important to use powder to set makeup and the sprays should not contain any alcohol. Simancas holds that powder should be used when the heat index is maximum.

I was able to interview one of the people known as Mary Kate who is a makeup lover and I was able to ask a few questions as shown bellow.

Me: Since when have you developed an interest in makeup?

Kate: I developed an interest in makeup since I was 18 after joining college

Me: What tricks can you give for applying makeup?

Kate: It is always important to consider the instructions provided in every makeup product

Me: Can you share any information you know about Korean make up trend

Kate: I know about Dewy skin which is a perfect product for smooth skin and good looking skin. The tip is that one should wash their face with warm water before applying it.

Therefore, I recommend that American girls should focus on different steps if they want to achieve younger look with the help of Korean makeup tips and tricks. They should focus on mattifying and smoothing primers and they should set their makeup using powder and spray. They should also make sure that the spray do not contain any alcohol. They should also use cream shadow rather than powder mainly from a pencil if they require quick application. Some of the tips include:

  • Using the foundation as eye shadow
  • Highlight their lids using a metallic shadow


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