Essay on King Arthur & the Romance of Prose: Legends & Love in Challenging Times

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Date:  2023-03-12

Among the ideas discussed in Arthur of Britain is the theme of prose romance. Romance is part of the life of the people regardless of the situation that people find themselves in. People fall in love and up in romantic relationships, even under the most challenging times (Minowa, and Russell). Romance is also shown indifference ways because people show their love differently to their loved ones. Legends like King Arthur have an added advantage when it comes to romance because they have resources and attention from the people. Kings end up marrying the most beautiful women because of their status and position in society. They use their privilege to treat women well; hence, all women want to have romantic relationships with the king.

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People have a different meaning of romance depending on how they get treated by their loved ones and the kind of relationship that people have with their loved ones. Different communities have different perceptions in relation to romance because of the culture of the people (Minowa, and Russell). Culture shapes the behaviors of the people, and h people socialize with their friends in the community. The connection between two people is what is considered romance because the two people in romance have a high emotional connection. There are high chances of romance, leading to intimacy where the partners love each other and want to express their love for each other.

It takes time for romance to grow to the extent that the partners can have intimacy because women need to be convinced that they are loved before they can give consent for intimacy (Hawthorne). Romance has changed over the past decades, where people of the same gender increasingly have romantic relationships. The romance between people of the same gender has not been accepted in some communities that see it as a taboo while other cultures have embraced the romance. The romance between people of the same gender is yet to embraced by most communities around the world.

People find themselves in challenging environments where they want romance, but their environment does not favor them in having a romantic relationship. Careers such as the military where the soldier is on the constant move are challenging because the soldiers do not have time to form romantic relationships (Hawthorne). Modern technology has come to help because people can keep in touch with their loved ones, even when in different parts of the world. Technology allows people to remain in constant communication with their loved ones; hence there is reduced loneliness. When people are in different geographical locations where they do not communicate and meet often, there is a higher chance of romance dying away.

The use of technology in romance has brought both positive and negative effects on the people. Networking sites have been formed to connect people searching for partners to have a romance with. Technology enables people from different parts of the world to know each other and finally have romantic relationships (Hawthorne). The challenge of using technology is that you do not know the motive of the person that you talk to. People have been conned huge amounts of money by conmen and women who pretend that they are genuine, but they later turn the tables by stealing from the people that they pretend to love.

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