Essay on Kelly Services: A Leader in Outsourcing & Recruitment Services

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Kelly Services Incorporation is a firm that is known as one that is involved in outsourcing and recruitment services. The firm is one of the leading service providers in this particular field. As a business, there have to be various ways that the management and plans are changed gradually to meet the objectives. Kelly Services has changed their mode of doing things, thus leading to the outstanding services that it gives to the customers (Fern Fort University, 2019). Through various strategies, ethics and policy practices, social responsibility, and environmental sustainability practices, the firm has been able to achieve and maintain the right name. This paper seeks to discuss in detail the various methods that make Kelly Services stand out.

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Generic Strategies of Kelly Services

According to Chief Executive Officer (2018), for Kelly Services, it is the strategies that matter. The firm is, therefore, able to identify opportunities and then take advantage of the changes they see. The management team describes that making business cycles shorter makes it easier to access skills. Staffing requires more than just talent and qualifications. What should be significantly included are the focus and having new ways to do things like the development of talent and finding new teams. Keller Services management team also thinks that companies should not only concentrate on controlling the number of staff that they have. Staffing affects the management of a company the moment that it becomes a strategic problem; therefore, developing difficulty in delivering long-term goals.

Kelly Services uses the Porter Five Forces that were discussed by Michael Porter on how they change the profitability rates in a firm. The five forces are; Threat of new entrants, bargaining power for buyers, rivalry among the existing players, bargaining power of suppliers and threat from substitute products. The Porter Five Forces help Kelly Services to build a robust, competitive, and sustainable advantage in recruiting and outsourcing services in the industry. The management team not only uses the Porter Five Forces to come up with strategic positioning but also to discover opportunities that draw profit in the staffing services segment (Fern Fort University, 2019). Kelly Services used the five forces as explained below:

  • Threats of new entrants- new firms in the staffing and outsourcing field bring in new ways of doing things therefore posing a danger on Kelly services, for example, they lower the cost, coming up with new positions for the customers. Kelly Services can deal with the challenge through ways like; innovation of new products that draw new customers, building economies of scale and building capacities and allocating more time to development and research.
  • Bargaining power of suppliers- most of the firms have to buy the raw materials required from suppliers. The leading suppliers can consider lowering prices for a firm like Kelly Services. Reducing costs leads to the profitability of the services. Kelly services deal with the challenge by; having an efficient supply chain with various suppliers, diversification of designs of products and having suppliers who depend on the firm for business.
  • Bargaining power of buyers- most often, buyers require a lot, especially when they demand quality but want to pay less. It is therefore creating pressure for companies like Kelly Services. To counter the bargaining power, Kelly services; build a more substantial relationship with customers, creating new products within no time that help to minimize the rate of customers leaving.
  • Substitute products and services threats- the challenge occurs when some products or services meet the same needs of customers but in a different way. The challenge is on the increase. Kelly Services deals with the problem by; being both service and product-oriented, understanding the needs of customers and increase in the switching cost for customers.
  • Rivalry among the competitors- when there is competition, the prices reduce hence minimizing the profits in the industry. Kelly Service deals with the challenge by; having a sustainable differentiation, building a scale to compete better, and collaboration with competition to increase market size.

Diversification Strategies of Kelly Services

According to Jung & Shin (2018), over time, the corporate field has changed from diversification. The reason is argued to be that there have been changes in business and the education that is received. There have been various methods of minimizing diversity in companies. Due to knowledge, the view of students has changed; therefore, what students think about the difference in business is different. The Chief Executive Officers who managed companies in the '70s were open-minded about diversification, which cannot be compared to the current situation where diversification is at a halt.

Kelly Services adopted the gig economy has the main focus on the market free from agents for a long time. Through research, by the managers of Kelly Services, it was asserted that most companies draw positive change by adopting the gig economy structure. This shows that widening the market to cover various aspects like maximization of profits, having a stronger advantage and reaching all the available skils for their benefits. The result is the achievement of tangible benefits that help the firm achieve better results. There was an evaluation of the methods through which the gig economy leads a company to better standards. The gig economy connected to dealing with various types of work paid as a result of talent. The gig economy has promoted diversity through increased demand and innovative approaches to skill and talent deficiencies (Kelly Services, 2018).

International Moves of Kelly Services

According to Cappelli & Tavis (2016), there has been an evolution in the economy; this has led to performance management being impacted significantly. There were times when people available for work was much; therefore, decisions were quickly made on who to let go and who to reward and continues working. At such a time, individuals were more accountable to the tasks allocated to them working was easy. Talent has now become minimal, posing a challenge to the organizations to have new ways to deal with the need. The problem from the traditional method to the current approach was to concentrate on modes of changing performance by nurturing the available people through teaching them on appropriate ways to conduct business in the required field.

Kelly Services is a talent agency that is quite experienced in human resources and business supply matters. Kelly Services management discusses how it has managed to maintain talent acquisition and at the same time, find suitable talent for both temporary and permanent employee needs. There are three primary client key performance indicators; the speed of placement, employee quality and the cost. There is also a group called Kelly Outsourcing and Consulting Group (Kelly OCG). The objective of Kelly OCG is to at all times be in a position to help its clients find the best-suited talents for both their temporary and permanent needs. There are various talent management perspectives identified by Kelly OCG (Griffins, Closs & Whipple, 2017). The talent management expectations are:

  • Talent acquisition- this is according to the objective of Kelly OCG to assist the clients in achieving the initial results through assessment of talent by; ensuring that they have a speed in the placement of their services, the quality of employee and the cost which is inclusive of the charge and salary for long-term. Kelly OCG ensures that they manage the talent of employees and at the same time, make the services available all the time.
  • Expectations management- Kelly OCG can manage the clients and the expectations of various factors like cost and the speed that they obtain talent. Most times, the smaller new firms are not aware of the conditions in the labor market; therefore, the issues are not well understood. This makes the firms to pay more than they should that makes them less desirable. When clients are flexible, costs are saved when it comes to matters of geographical location for the performance. There are also ways that an organization can meet the requirements through mediums like big data.
  • Talent development- Kelly OCG is aware of the benefits of mentoring talent that has begun encouraging the workforce more specifically to the generation where ability is not considered as much. Through aided skills, the firm has been able to develop talent diversely, therefore, creating new opportunities for the clients and new customers for Kelly Services. The reason is that they will have clients that fit in a wide field of performance areas.

The various perspectives of talent through Kelly OCG have enabled Kelly Services to maintain a good position in their business and be able to provide their clients with the desired services and business supplies. This has also enabled Kelly services to connect and create a sustainable and workable environment. According to Kelly collaboration and empathy are intertwined because they drive towards business success (Kelly Services 2019).

The diagram represents how a diagram by Kelly OCG, showing how empathy and collaboration help to drive towards business success.

Ethics Policies and Practices of Kelly Services

Kelly Services is committed to doing the required things and conducting themselves in a manner that is legal, ethical, and trustworthy while maintaining the essential responsibilities following the business guidelines and policies set up by the company. The code of conduct of the company helps them to help them deal with the ethical issues and provide mechanisms that prevent wrongdoing. Therefore, the moral codes help the company to be able to deal with the various issues and promotion of the appropriate conducts while at work. The responsibility begins at a personal level to ensure that honest behavior together with government laws and rules are promoted to trigger honesty and account for all actions (Kelly Services, Code of Business Conduct, 2018).

The issues covered in the Business Code of Ethics are; conflict of interest, corruption and bribery, insider trading where some people may take advantage of being on the inside of business, corporate opportunities, privacy and confidential requirements, inquiries from media and external communications, protection and suitable use of company assets, fair transactions and the behavior required in the workplace. The employees are also required to adhere to the rules and follow the appropriate procedures while doing things (Kelly Services, Code of Business Conduct, 2018).

At Kelly Educational Staffing, has made a reference guide for teachers for the requirements that they should meet so that the objectives of the facility will be met. Just like in the code of ethics; the property should be well taken care of, the dress code should also be adhered to, appropriate equipment should be used for the necessary tasks, conduct their duties at the required time without failure. The teachers should ensure that the classes are appropriately managed. There are things that teachers should not do like releasing students from school without permission (Equal Opportunity Employer, 2010).

Social Responsibility of Kelly Services

Kelly Services through all the years of performance, it has been observed that corporate sustainability has been maintained. The highest attainable practices are met. Considering that Kelly Services is responsible for providing services through a global context. Therefore, the employees are accountable for their actions, work with integrity and maintaining an excellent reputation for the company, thus attracting the positive outcome in the so...

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