Essay on Interesting Scenes and Features Around London Parliament

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Date:  2022-06-23


London is a place to visit and I learnt about this following our trip London Parliament at the Palace of Westminster. My trip to the United Kingdom at this particular gave me, alongside my peers, an opportunity to have a one-on-one experience with what happens in the London parliament and its environment. I had the opportunity to learn about the views of the public regarding the decisions of the leaders on various grounds. Their views were expressed as a way of demand for justice in terms of service and the use of the public resources of the country.

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The London Parliament is situated the Palace of Westminster which is a very popular and historical place in the United Kingdom. The Palace of Westminster serves as the meeting point for the House of Lords and the House of Commons, which are the two Parliament houses of the United Kingdom. The palace is very important to the United Kingdom and because of its parliamentary role in England; it is usually referred to as the Houses of Parliament. The palace is strategically established to enable it to serve its purpose; it lies on the northern bank of River Thames in Westminster City, in the central London, England.

I learnt a lot about what happened in connection with the Palace of Westminster and the Parliament. There were various posters on the wall which would guide an individual regarding the history of the place. Many were complaining of the taxes they pay owing to their inability to exercise control over the use of the money. Besides, it is clear that England was a place where male chauvinism was significantly practised. There were some points around the parliament building where the activities of the female individuals were restricted. These show that the political representatives in the country were not satisfactorily serving the citizens; hence they felt they had a reason to protest.

The atmosphere in the parliament was very cool; however, the protests against the visit of Donald Trump, the president of the United States, appeared to change everything. We saw a very interesting scene in front of us as many people converged to show that they were not happy with the arrival of Donald Trump. The act of the demonstrators was a sign of their negative reaction to what the British leaders and Trump claimed to be a "working visit" to the UK. The protest was made of several organized organizes with many of them carrying balloons which portrayed their negative attitude towards the United and its leaders. With this aspect of the demonstration, the British had a perception that the US leaders were angry people who could not bring any positive change to England. This is probably why the protesting crowd appeared to be against the visit of the US president which they expressed boldly.


My visit to the London parliament presented interesting scenes. I was in a new environment where I could see very new and different things I had imagined and of witnessing the place. Our target destination, which was London, is the political and administrative central point of the country. On this note, we chose to have it as our destination for the trip hence we gained a lot by learning much about the country by seeing and hearing what was in the city around the parliament. This was one of the most interesting trips which I greatly enjoyed.

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