Essay on Information Systems: Transforming and Enhancing Business Outcomes

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Date:  2023-01-04


Information systems are technique and plans which an organization uses to gather, interpret, store, and share data. Information Systems Supporting and Transforming Business helps an organization to acquire essential information that helps to incorporate various departments. Through the information system, an organization can effectively enhance its service due to efficiency management practices. Additionally, the system helps the organization to discover a new way of solving existing issues. In most developed nations, this has been a critical technique which has been used to ensure the success of most organizations (Pearlson, Saunder, & Galletta, 2016).

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Question A

Information system hardware is the physical structure a person can touch so as to enhance various technological operations such as a keyboard. Based on Watson health care, hardware such as keyboard was meant to help practitioners to feed patients' data on a computer. Software is a set of procedure which is integrated with hardware so as to show to bring certain information. As such, the software is untouchable, and thus, a person uses hardware to direct how it will operate. Through Watson health care, software such as applications will help hospital practitioners to keep patient's data so that they can retrieve easily. The database is an integration of collected figures. This figure shows more information about a certain component. In a hospital, the database will be all information about patients. Finally, networking which helps to integrate other three components; hardware, software, and data. Through networking, practitioners can easily retrieve and store any necessary information about patients on time.

Question B

In an information system, an input is a technique in which a person feeds data in a computer, especially when analyzing something. Through the application of Watson idea, companies can easily provide evidence of various services such as refreshments which are offered when traveling. Resources are materials which are incorporated in a certain activity so as to enhance productivity. In the transport sector, resources are a key factor that influence the success of a business. Through Watson's idea, the company can enhance its resources such as seats so as to improve customers' services. Customers should be given a chance to select various resources available even through online (Burrough et al, 2015). Additionally, outputs are components that a company acquire after integrating resources and input. In this case, outputs are the earning a company makes after offering certain travel services. When customers are offered good services, the information system will help a company to track all earning.

Question C

In any business, the executive process very crucial. Therefore, the introduction of information technology could help effective operation in cancer care through the establishment of an effective planning system which helps to engage various members. All information feeding will help the cancer center to capture and store all data due to the help of hardware. When all information is stored in a computer, it is much easier for a practitioner to monitor since they can review patients' data at any time.

Question D

Globalization has been a key factor which has increased market pressure. This has mostly been caused by technology changes. As such, Watson idea can help an organization to track and follow all economic trends around the world so as to control market pressure. Lack of understanding about the growth of technology can stimulate to an increase in information overload. This may mostly be experienced in financial departments. As such, these departments may hinder other organization operations due to slow procedures which are used in the calculation of finance. In business, social responsibilities are key factors which may affect acceptance of a certain business. Watson idea such as Macy's who uses the information system to integrate all social signals on platforms such as social media. Social media has become an essential field in which an organization can use to understand more political and social requirements (Laudon & Laudon, 2015).

Question E

The entry of a new competitor is critical issues which affect how management operates. Through an information system, an organization can easily learn about the market before a product is a launch. This can help to overcome threats which are associated in market entry. Marketing mix gives customers a chance to bargain a certain product. In this case, through an information system, an organization can offer various products which varies based on their quality (Pearlson, Saunder, & Galletta, 2016). Some of these products may offer customers bargaining power up to a certain level. Normally, substitutes are key products that affect the success of a certain product. Through Watson's idea, an organization can easily teach customers about the advantage of using a certain product so as to avoid the threat of substitute. Lack of enough information may stimulate customers to shift to another product.

Question F

As a way of enhancing its services, IBM was forced to incorporate Watson's ideas. The company believed that the application of a computer was more effective as compared to a human. Secondly, the organization would apply the idea so as to enhance learning so as to improve the reasoning ability. This technique would help the organization to interpret and analyze various problems encountered in cognitive computing (Cassidy, 2016).


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