Essay on Health Psychology: Understanding Behavioral, Psychological & Cultural Influences

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Date:  2023-02-11

The post remarkably strives to portray how the concept of health psychology. Key to note health psychology revolves around an in-depth understanding of behavioral, psychological, and cultural factors prolifically contribute and determine the health status of the people. Such that, these factors potentially dictate the manifestation of illnesses and sustainable health. Notably, the post indicates that key areas of health psychology that call for intensive research to inform how they are applicably used in healthcare include health disparities, telehealth, and socio-cultural issues.

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However, the discussion on how socio-cultural issues deter or promote health does not clearly bring out the health psychology perspective of the whole concept. For instance, it is clearly highlighted that when biological models in health to address particular issues, children, women, and men can be treated using same healthcare option due to their similarities regarding lifestyles and age (Ragin, 2015). The statement is somewhat contradictory as children and adults can only be differentiated on the grounds of age, and there is no logic behind their categorization as the same age group.

Further, it could be more helpful, especially to healthcare practitioners, is the recommended biopsychosocial model of health is well explained and how it makes it possible to discern the disadvantages of biological models in health (Sarafino & Smith, 2014). For example, it could have been more prudent to illustrate how socio-cultural beliefs and practices define psychological perspectives. Such that, the norms that echo male chauvinism in the society could hinder women from accessing essential services they need despite that the beliefs and assumptions limit them for fear of strongly believed outcomes (Ragin, 2015).

The issue of health disparities is well explained as a health psychology factor. The explanation satisfactorily implies how socio-economic classification deters access to quality services in healthcare (Sarafino & Smith, 2014). Therefore, psychological health concepts are brought out to understandable and adoptable levels among specialized professionals.

Further, the telehealth factor is well illustrated regarding how it could influence healthcare services and their accessibility. For instance, the issue relating to deploying broadband for connection is partly elaborated and somewhat linked to health disparities in terms of affordability (Sarafino & Smith, 2014). A perfect example could have been relating telehealth services to the people's behaviors in terms of healthcare service access and compliance within the prescribed guidelines and how the overall status of health for those with access to telehealth services is shaped in the long run.


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