Essay on Health Administrators: Challenges & Solutions in a Brain Death Scenario

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Date:  2023-01-11

Health administrators of various nursing units are continually experiencing several challenges majorly due to their high ranking. For instance, in this particular brain death scenario, it can be seen that the patient attendants can only manage problems to some level, beyond which everything is taken to the top managers like the administrators. As an administrator in this particular case, a lot of health issues have emerged, that maybe could help in the future to solve any occurrences of similar cases.

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The first health issue is about a private equity investment in health cares. All the health providers, workers and the specialists involved in any nursing home should have their finances to help in assisting those patients who may have financial problems or concerns in their family levels. In this particular scenario, the patient is not confirmed to be having economic issues, but a portion of the family members are not of him to recover back to life.

As a result, if it occurs that one of these individuals who is wishing death for the brain death student, is the head of the finances back in the family, or have access to obtaining funds to take into the hospital, it is possible that he/she will hide or boycott the payments just to satisfy the wishes for the patient's death. This calls for the need to have some private store or investment by the health officials because if this were there, I would have just paid directly for the bills and ensure that all the services are offered at the topmost requirements.

Another health issue identified was artificial intelligence. This can be defined as a computer machine which has been designed to operate as human beings. The computers designed with artificial intelligence have got the ability to speech recognition and majorly problem-solving. The new bit of it is problem-solving. The case in this particular scenario may seem to be too complicated and thus, using speech recognition technology with artificial intelligence computers would help to feed in the data and get a possible solution. With the personal beliefs, values, knowledge and the experience that I have also gathered, I am in a position to incorporate the idea to end up with a final concrete decision that would best suit the condition of the patients and the family members. Robots are an excellent example of these computers.

Empathy is another primary concern or issue that emerged in this scenario. It is important as the administrator to assume both the family and the patient's shoes to understand the situation and feel the same way they were pressing for the case. It can help in making a delicate decision that favors all the parties or the side that deserves. When this is properly applied, it is possible that even on the recovery of the patient and after the discharge there will be no issues. Issues back at home after the release could lead to mental stress that may eventually lead back to sickness for the recovered patient.

As an administrator, it is also essential not only to consider the health issues while making decisions but should also refer to the laws and regulations that guide the work of nursing in regards to the patient. For instance, an administrator must ensure that,

  • No criminal activity is conducted
  • That there is no falsifying of records involved in the hospital
  • There is no abusing of patients, either physically or sexually.

The stated rules and regulations may greatly help a physician or an administrator to handle the case in the fairest manner effectively. Collaborating with some of the family members to kill the patient to be part of the inheritance is a criminal activity. Giving false records of the patient to other healthcare providers, or the family members to achieve personal and specific goals, is also not allowed. I would continue to provide the correct health status records to all are concerned regardless of the situation and the disagreement cases but only to the permitted personal, because it is also a rule not to disclose, patients status to everyone that seeks. The last rule is to ensure that there is no abuse to the patient at all levels while ion the healthcare. I would also ensure that I will be fair and friendly enough to the patient if he gets well (my wish) so that I also know all the ongoing cases back in the family level.

Following these rules keenly will ensure that an appropriate decision is made and also, it will ensure that informed consent, incompetence among peers and keeping the medical conditions of the patient safe away from access by unauthorized individuals is maintained to the standards.

Besides, to ensure ethical integrity in the healthcare as the administrator, I would ensure that training sessions of the physicians are offered in the unit by use of professionals to provide my nurses with all the relevant knowledge and skills of handling various duties or situation whenever they arise. Giving training hours to the physicians would help the have a proper code of ethics, have the best communication skills with the patients and even have the correct procedure of handling various operations. All this will ensure that healthcare becomes more friendly to its patients and that ethical integrity is also maintained at all times.

Extensionally, to come out with the best decision, I would apply some policies and procedures. These policies will also ensure that the conclusion reached are favorable enough to all parties involved. For instance, I would ask the use of policies of beneficence, non-maleficence, and that policy of justice, which are also called the principle of ethics to come to make my decision. The policy of beneficence would ensure that the decision made remains suitable to the patient. Considering his situation of intubation, making any wrong decision that that does not suit hi would result in sudden death or may worsen the condition of the patient. The policy of non-maleficence, on the other hand, would ensure that the patient is not harmed. The decision should, therefore, be favorable enough but favor the patient most.

Not to forget on the policy of justice, I would also ensure that healthcare provides enough life support, the policy states that the decision made should be able to treat the patient fairly. By offering enough support needed in this scenario, the chances of the patient surviving would increase, which is the main aim of being in healthcare. Need for consulting other experienced professional nurses or the administrators from other healthcare units is also important in this scenario because it would help me in gathering new ideas of handling issues, I would then do the sorting to come out with the best solution that best suits my scenario.

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