Essay on Explore the World of Toys: Toys R Us for the Perfect Birthday Gift!

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Date:  2023-04-24

Toys R Us is a retailer operating on toys and juvenile products. The company offers products such as dolls, video game software, vehicles and action figures. The products serve ranges of customers within the United States. Toys R US target is on children under five years of age. In addition, the company avails products to also the children aged five to twelve years with their different types of toys selection (Fassett, 2018). It is a better company to search for varieties of birthday gifts to present to children. Ultimately, the target of the company is not only on children but also parents of the children who are designated with the responsibility of purchasing the products. The paper aims at creating a project plan in regards to the products of Toys R US and hence reposition the products.

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I would like customers to view the Toys R US products as exceptional products that are manufactured by highly trained and qualified employees who maintain outstanding outcomes. Customers should opt for products of the company when they want to purchase quality kid's toys that would last them for the longest time ever. The fact that the company takes a supermarket form enables customers to pick their products physically and pay at their register area. This enhances improved choice among the customers hence improving decision making.

Customers view Toys R US products as products with long term benefits. By providing children with toys, the products need to stand out to prevent customers from switching to competitors. To maintain this, the company has to offer up to date toys that minimize switching costs. With large toys varieties, the company will draw in a lot of customers from all corners of the world. Currently, customers view the company's toys as quality ones because of the existence of many groups within it who work tirelessly to maintain its popular status among the toy stores. They also view the company as a transparent one because Toys R US has built a relationship with its customers by maintaining the integrity of the highest level. However, some of the customers view the products as expensive ones hence the need for repositioning.

In repositioning the product, the focus is the fundamental principle. Immediately a company loses focus on the products it avails to customers; it risks failure. Before customers shop for a product, most usually assess the market to compare the products availed and settle for a slightly cheaper one for them to save on costs. Therefore, in product repositioning, price consideration is essential. For instance, a company would rather consider lowering their prices slightly than that of its competitors, even in cases of loses. This is because with reducing costs, shoppers are likely to purchase more products hence improving the profit margin within the shortest possible time. Similarly, the Toys R US company should consider blocking strong competitive moves. No sooner the company starts to notice threats from the competitors; they should break the threats to prevent serious repercussions. The company can add magic to the shopping experience of toys in order to make up for their higher prices. Also, because customers are complaining about prices, the company can consider another alternative, such as lowering the prices. Indeed, it is better to have reduced margins rather than having no margin at all.


Fassett, F. (2018). The real reason toys "R" us failed and why it matters for all brands.

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