Essay on Evidence-Based Practice in Healthcare

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Date:  2022-07-11


Healthcare research is defined as the empirical study which will help in enhancing the health of the people in the population. For the case of those who are inclined on the public health, they can refer to the health status report which will help in providing an insight of the population which is considered in the study. These reports are essential in both planning and monitoring of the health issues affecting the population. Therefore, to obtain these health reports, research should be undertaken to determine the specific values relating to health then followed by analysis and evaluation.

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In the process of assessing the suitable variables that can be used for the evidence-based research practices, some important factors should be taken into consideration by the researcher. In this case, the researcher should consider the study plan or the intention of the research in terms of the hypothesis or the partakers within the study (Melnyk & Fineout-Overholt, 2011). At the end of it, the research should be able to arrive at the important variables that will give an opportunity to recommends both values and inclinations which will allow effective performance within the research to practice in the healthcare organization. In essence, the reliability, as well as the accuracy of the research, will have a direct impact in the manner in which the evaluation research has been designed and the way all the important aspects of the research are addressed in the program. Due to this, it is evident that the design that is employed in the project play a significant role in determining the effectiveness as well as the overall outcomes of the project under consideration.

Independent variables are those aspects or factors of research which can be changed in a given project. Therefore, under the evidence-based practice, there are independent variables that need to be evaluated in a given research to help inform the project. These variables include gender, age as well as the condition during the research period. In this regard, these variables are considered independent in the sense that their availability does not necessarily depend on whether something else happened during the time that they are selected. Also, the independent variables cannot be changed in the entire process of the project.

Dependent variables are the results or the values which arise from the independent variables in the process of evaluation of the interventions of the independent variables. This means that the dependent variables depend on how the independent variables interact. In the situation where assessment is done on diverse occurrences, each of the variables is termed as an independent. Therefore, in the evidence-based research project, some of the independent variables that should be taken into consideration should be in line with the geographical location where the study is undertaken (Tobin, 1958). The variables which are associated with the group of variables are utilized in the study where a number of the variables will yield a diverse implication for the study where the ordinal, nominal, ratio, as well as interval variables, are established based on diverse results.


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