Essay Sample on Supporting People With Exceptionalities: The Need for Patience

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Date:  2023-03-12


Working with people with exceptionalities requires one to have attributes that will support their survival, learnings, and ability to interact with their peers and the general society at large. Patience is an essential trait that people must possess when dealing with people that are different from an established form. In some of the cases, people with exceptionalities may have some features that are making it difficult to interact with the rest of the people, and having someone that understands them and their functioning goes a long way in helping them to survive. Advanced observational skills is an element that allow the caregivers to notice the areas that they need to help the students to ensure that they realize their potential. Flexibility attribute provides that a person can manage to work under various conditions based on the prevailing situation. People with externalities tend to portray qualities that are different from the general public expectations, meaning that their caregiver must be willing to remain flexible to manage their affairs. They require special care and attention, and a compassionate person can manage to provide them. Having a sense of humor enables a caregiver to keep the people with externalities happy with their spirits high.

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The process of handling people with externalities requires a lot of attention to ensure that they manage to interact and exchange ideas effectively. In schools, one of the measures that institutions of learning should undertake to help in their growth is ensuring that they are interacting with others in the general classroom. Special education is useful, but there is a need to ensure that there is a connection with general education students. Additionally, the students with disabilities will not feel ostracized while others will have empathy for the learners with externalities meaning that the community will manage to live peacefully.

Some of the major findings from this interview include the fact that educators have the role of ensuring that they meet the needs of all students irrespective of their capabilities. Learners with exceptional needs should be integrated with the general education students to ensure that they manage to realize growth and progress in life. Another notable issue is the benefit of realizing the problems that students are experiencing at an early age and ensure that they are managed effectively. Reviewing the education plan of every student will enable tutors to have an understanding on the way to approaching the teaching process. The educational services delivered should be different based on a student's attributes and their physical capabilities.


To sum up, it is important to handle students with externalities well to ensure that they manage to realize their potential. Educators have a role of ensuring that they allow them to take their classes together with the general education students for this move will enable all parties to succeed. Those with disabilities will feel that they can match the abilities of general education learners, a move that will strengthen them psychologically. Having smaller classrooms can enable the learning process to be useful since a tutor will have ample time to attend to each of the learners' needs. It is critical for educators to be compassionate and have advanced observational skills to know about the needs of every learner and offer a solution. Tutors have many positive experiences when dealing with students with externalities, such as witness them progress to great heights.

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