Essay on Dulce Pinzon: The Real Story of the Superheroes

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Date:  2022-05-16


Flowing to a mainstream belief, American society does not usually use the image of Mexican immigrant as a lifestyle inspired resource, because culture seems to underestimate immigrant worker's personality by their appearance, but Pinzon precisely arranged the color board of a picture to attract audience's attention on the immigrant worker, the most inspired object of the scene. She completed the photo of Mr. Elastic by harmonizing black and white for the background as well as black and blue in the Sergio Garcia's costume. Although it is simple to notice the very casual color tone of a restaurant at night, Pinzon purposely used the contrast effect to intensify colors with less occupation, in which a horizontal word, "Bonita" was captured when it was blazing in the middle of the night. Especially, it is very impressive point that the word will be read backward by the audience's view; however, audience cannot disregard the Mexican waiter with a blue costume. The important point, Pinzon highlights the costume by using contrast effect, but he also overcasts on his main object. This detail of both the Mexican waiter's arms is hard to recognize that they are black color. More significantly, Pinzon makes his left arm more pop by setting it with the non-black color background; and his right hand is more inconspicuous with the black background. To make those precise detail more understandable, Kirk Semple states an argument that, "He now works 12 hours a day, seven days a week, he said, and is paid $4 an hour, more than $3 below the minimum wage. He sends whatever he can back to Mexico" (Semple 4). According to Semple, the culture usually witnessed an accepting suffer under the extreme working conditions of illegal settlers, but the outsider never knows those suffering that is negligible compared to the sacrifice for their family. Attach to the picture, Pinzon implies that society's visual under the image of the left arm, which is more noticeable than the right arm, the symbol of sacrifice. Semple effectively points out Pinzon's implication in the picture that a part of the immigrant workers' hidden life is not entirely accurate as many observe. By capturing a picture of Mr. Elastic, Pinzon also wants to praise the pretty image of immigrant, because they work hard for not only themselves but also their family back home country.

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Pinzon choice of superheroes is also recommendable. She picks some of the most loved superheroes that many can relate to. Human torch for instance in fantastic four. As per The Atlantic, the fantastic four superheroes are likable due to their sense of humor and their connection with the people they serve. The picture of the Oscar Gonzales (Human torch) who is a cook. He manages to send home $350 a week. The picture has been captured is such a magnificent manner that everyone who looks at the picture has multiple ideas run through there mind. Pinzon captures the picture while the fire on the pan was blazing. This is a concept many would relate to as long as they have watched the actual superhero human torch. The red color of the costume pops in the entire picture. The makeup on Oscar's face also plays a key role in reflecting the actual superhero that many can associate with. The use of the environment also in the picture helps one realize the superhero more uniquely. The white colors of the surrounding background reflect the screaming red color of the costume creating beautiful shadows around the superhero. The capturing of the fire to many may show the abilities possessed by human torch the superhero. Around the fire, Pinzon blurs the surrounding so as to create more focus on the duty being carried out by Oscar.

The Atlantic gives a clear picture of who a superhero is, as superhero masters their bodies and their physical environment. From the picture, Pinzon captures the moment where Oscar is relaxed and seems a perfected master of his skills in the kitchen. This is seen by the expression on his face as he looks at the flames on the pan he is handling. Few people stand the technique. The picture helps us realize some of the things that many people miss out on. The professionalism of the Mexicans among other immigrants in the job industry. As per Semple, very few people view the Mexican workers as their equals due to different reasons including their identity. Most people normally view them as a lower level of employees and that why they are assigned some of the tasks that many native Americans look down to. Dulce Pinzon uses the picture of Oscar as one of most significant members of the fantastic five and also manages to illuminate is role. A cook being one of the most important persons in the restaurant.

The picture captured of Luis Hernandez in the costume of famous superhero The Thing from Fantastic four is also another clear portrayal of how the Mexicans struggle so as to provide their families with at least some financing support back at home. Luis manages to send home $200 every week back in Veracruz. The picture has a very detailed capture of the environment. The detail of every particular element within the picture has been perfectly captured. The shadows of the elements have also been well highlighted by Pinzon giving the feel of high temperatures in the picture. Looking at the picture one can feel the body change temperatures due to the setup of the picture. The Thing Costume has multiple shades which make the costume appear a strong rock that can manage different sorts of hardships. The coloring of the costume and the environment are closely matching despite a difference in the intensity of the costume's color. The background of the picture has been edited in a way that The Thing or Luis pop out among all the others. The color patterns of the costume are opposite the other elements in the picture. As the other objects in the picture appear dull, a glare touch is present with The Things costume. Looking at the person behind the superhero, they both have similar colored pants, but the Thing's pant has a slightly sharp appearance, the sharpness effect added to Luis costume greatly facilitates the popping nature of him as the main object in the picture.


The environment has been set up to look more of a hardship situated location. This has been discussed by Semple in his article on the hardships the Mexican workers undergo so as to retain their jobs. The tool in use also appears old from the angle the picture has been captured. The shadows of the dented tool fall closely on the edges leaving a clear view of the state of the tools being used by the workers. The Americans have no clue of the working environments that most of these Mexican employees operate, but they are normally used for the consumption of the end product. Pinzon links the hard work carried out by superheroes although they are mostly viewed as aliens of different form. Luis has to go through all this labor so as to manage to provide his family back home with at least $200. This implies that despite the hard nature of the work carried out by workers the wages are below the minimum wage. But as discussed by Semple, very few immigrants raise the issue in fear of being deported back to their mother country. Since the adaptation of superheroes, people have worn like them which has helped them attain will to do different things as well as a form of inspiration. This is seen with the Mexicans, Pinzon manages to give the Mexicans something that motivates them by all means despite the hardships they are undergoing. The utilization of some of the strongest superheroes such as the Thing who is indestructible has a deeper meaning to the picture. Semple informs us of the working terms that most of the Mexicans and other immigrants in New York and other parts of the country have to work with. This shows the destructive forces that try to bring them down, but their spirit is that of our Hollywood superheroes. On one side they have the government deporting them for being in the country illegally, on the other side they have the hard terms of employment and the hardships of the nature of jobs they get, but all this does not break them. Just like the Thing Luis remains firm and provides for his family back at home and wakes up to face another day. Few may see this, but they are our actual superheroes. They do not need supernatural powers but the things they do make them stand out as our superheroes.

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