Essay on Divided Culture: Establishing Barriers, Defining Religion and Identifying Language

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Date:  2023-04-24

Divided culture is a boundary that is established in the communities causing barriers through cultural differences and interactions between people of different ethnic cultures. Culture, however, determines the distinct in which a person involves in a particular culture or not. Individual traits and behavior define a specific religion. Therefore, an individual can be characterized to belong to one particular culture or not. In ancient times, people were identified through the language they speak and their religion, among others, to belong to one particular group. The paper analyzes how culture determines who belongs to the group or not.

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Cultural boundaries are evaluated through socio-economics that its basis is on income, occupation, and education. It also exists through the differences experienced in religion and language. The shared values and norms of certain people show that they belong to a particular set and creates boundaries on who is part of them or not. When a person does not have the same beliefs as for specific groups, then they are not bound to be connected, and therefore, culture examines how people live and learn in an environment.

Individuals personality is shaped through their culture, and mostly it develops through birth and attitudes acquired from the surrounding. Cultural identities are essential for most people and are accepted in individual settings as they are part of a group. A culture has boundaries that limit who belongs to a specific environment. In the contemporary context, with how people have different religions, languages, and values, it outlines how people have a divided culture in which certain traits determine their sense of belonging. Regardless of the positions that people hold in government institutions and businesses, they have specific characteristics that define their originality. Through faith in leadership and centrist politics, it shows various philosophical beliefs on the places that many societies hold in the environment.

Everyone in the contemporary background is known to belong somewhere, creating a divided culture. However, according to the status quo, the relationship between an individual and a community is shifting though it does not entirely change where the people were born or raised. Most people get into power and embrace their philosophical belief that they have through embracing their culture. Divided culture tends to persist in the contemporary world, and the impacts of modern emancipation have been persistent over the years in the communities.

The knowledge of shared and personal histories varies differently among cultures and cultural boundaries. The differences in cultures have shown how people acquire their own life and have created an impact on the behavior of objects. Many communities and individuals tend to change their perceptions to fit into a specific group. However, boundaries in literature tend to define unity in society, and many people have formed wars with other groups through the use of cultures.

Cultural boundaries have social and economic benefits that individuals of a particular community enjoy. Through the advancement in learning and shared experiences, it has created opportunities where people come together to promote the quality of existence and improve their well-being. Through studying a particular community, it evaluates the boundaries that the cultures have and that define their actions. Cultural boundaries create confidence among people and empathy that influence their sense of self. It allows people to be connected to a specific group, and it is hard for other people to emulate their behavior.


Having a divided culture shows who belongs to an individual community, and it is a boundary line that emphasizes the differences in ethnicity. It divides people into specific groups, and their cultural lines in the environment define them. Trend's argument is realistic in that the cultural boundary that culture belongs evaluates who belongs to a particular group and who does not.

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