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Date:  2021-03-30

Decorations are a common part of Christmas culture (Sullivan, 2008). The Christmas Card reflects culture in the celebration of Christmas with aspects such as decorations unique to Christmas that can be seen in the film. The family has a Christmas tree in their house and many other houses have Christmas trees. Some trees are placed outside and others inside. Shops, other businesses, and churches also have Christmas trees either inside or outside of them. The trees are specially shaped and are adorned with decorations. The decorations include stars, glittering adornments, multicolored lights, and figurines. Decorations also feature on walls and fences. The words Merry Christmas are a common feature in fancy fonts and colors.

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Christmas has been celebrated in many regions around the world with festivities influenced by cultures associated with Christmas. In The Christmas Card, the celebration of Christmas is marked by families getting together to celebrate, giving gifts to each other, decorating areas with adornments and Christmas trees and generous giving. While some cultures do not celebrate Christmas, those that do carry out the celebration based on their beliefs. Religiously oriented people go to church and remember the birth of Jesus. Secular people may not go to church, but take part in celebrations that have been inspired by the commercial culture associated with Christmas. Christmas is marked by a lot of shopping especially in developed countries and a commercial culture has increasingly grown around it. Christmas is a time of celebration that is influenced by the culture and its perceptions of Christmas.


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