Essay on Dissemination of Evidence-Based Practice

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Date:  2022-07-11


Dissemination refers to the spread of information, opinions, and knowledge to a wide group. In this case, dissemination of evidence-based practice results can be internally or externally. This is essential for both internal and external parties involved in ensuring quality delivery of care to the patients since they will base their actions on the results of the evidence-based practice in the delivery of care (Komendzi et al., 2016). The internal method that can be used to disseminate the results of evidence-based practice is the hospital board. This is because the board of the hospital has the responsibility of planning the main activities which include the hiring of new employees and the formulation of the organization policies. Due to this, it makes it convenient for the board to communicate relevant information, knowledge, and opinions from the evidence-based practice.

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On the other hand, the external method that can be used to disseminate the results of the evidence-based practice is professional nursing organizations. This means that there is a need to have proper methods to identify the appropriate organizations that may require to be included in the program. In essence, the professional nursing organizations liaise with professional nurses from different parts of the world where they share research results which are aimed at improving the quality of care among the population (Aarons et al., 2016). Since there is a developed network for the professional nursing organizations in the world, the results from the evidence-based practice can reach achieve its desired goals.

The best way to ensure that there is effectiveness in disseminating evidence-based practice results using the board or the professional nursing organization is first to identify the internal and external stakeholders. This is done by identifying their roles both within the hospitals and the community respectively. Afterward, the assessment of the stakeholder's influence is undertaken to understand how they can impact other practitioners in the organization and also their significance in the entire organization. A matrix which identifies the influence and importance of stakeholders is drawn (Stetler & Caramanica, 2007). The relationships of the stakeholders are then monitored to ensure that each party is disseminating the results of the evidence-based practices accordingly and that the results are not altered in the process of dissemination. In the event there is a deviation in the way the results are disseminated, the corrective measures can be put in place to ensure that dissemination goes on as expected.


It is imperative to report the results of monitoring and evaluation of both internal and external stakeholders as this will give them an opportunity to make necessary changes and ensure that the information is informative. After the communication of the results, the communication strategies for the stakeholders may change. This is where a good communication strategy takes the part of the ineffective communication strategy. For instance, in the internal methods, the entire information is crossed while limit should be considered while disseminating information using the external method. Therefore, by so doing, it will ensure that the results of the evidence-based practice is informative and help address different health issues affecting the population.


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