Pharmacology and Physiology: Alcohol Drinking Essay Example

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Date:  2022-10-23

Alcohol, the most used psychoactive the world, have several desired effects including relaxation and lowering the inhibition. Alcohol causes more problems to the heavy drinkers notably, effects on health, domestic violence as well as crime. Other side effects of alcohol include the inability to walk, slurred speech, heart problems, liver cirrhosis, and decreased alertness. Also, alcohol abuse causes mental health problems, correlation to violent behaviors, driving impairment and has impacts on the developing fetus during pregnancy.

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Driving under the influence of alcohol has been found to be one of the effects of abusing alcohol. Over 1.5 million drivers are arrested yearly due to the impaired driving. As a result, the traffic facilities in the United States have risen from 3.3% to 30% (Darryl S. p.5.33).Also, alcohol-related accidents have increased which costs the United States over $150 billion. The FBI study reveals that even after over than 1.4 million drivers under the influence of alcohol arrested, there is still impaired driving despite the suspension of the driver's licenses. The high blood alcohol level which causes a decrease in coordination is associated with the susceptibility to traffic accidents as well as fatalities.

Alcohol consumption dramatically increases the risk of injuries and suicide. From the study of the emergency room, it has been found that over 15% of the patients with a positive test of alcohol are involved in fights and assault thus the injuries. Moreover, the adults who abuse alcohol have been found to commit suicide twice as high as the whole population. The study has revealed that the longer the activeness of the alcohol in the body the greater the health, interpersonal as well as the social problems. In addition to suicide among the youths who abuse alcohol, depression, and loss of a job, as well as lack of support, has been found to be the effects of alcohol abuse.

For adolescents who abuse alcohol, they encounter the memory problems in their adulthood. Since brain starts developing fully at the age of 23, especially the prefrontal cortex, which controls the decision making, the adolescents who abuse alcohol will have undeveloped brain's regulatory thus bad decision making. Consequently, adolescents learning will be affected since the brain responsible for learning is affected by alcohol. Also, due to alcohol abuse, the school children experience the anti-social behaviors, poor self-control as well as anxiety and tendency towards depression.

Moreover, alcohol abuse among youths leads to high rates of unplanned pregnancies due to unsafe sexual practices. Alcohol abuse also leads to sexual aggression and sexually transmitted diseases among youth (Darryl S. p.5.38).

Women drinking alcohol even just at the low level have the genetic susceptibility effects that result to the health consequences including the increase in breast cancer, liver cirrhosis, and circulatory disorders. Women alcoholic death rate has been found to be 50% due to the associated health problems as well as depression (Darryl S. p.5.37).


Alcohol drinking habits lead to the organ damages which results to the cardiovascular problems, reproductive disruption as well as the mental effect. Also, the lifespan of high alcohol drinking population is reduced. In addition, alcohol changes the mood and the mental state of an individual thus leading to depression and other personality disorders. The fetal damage during pregnancy is caused by the woman's alcohol drinking lifestyle. As a result, the fetus is affected by the facial deformities, retarded growth and other alcohol-related disorders (Darryl S. p.5.46).

Work Cited

Darryl S., Inaba. Pharmacology and Physiology; Uppers, Downers, and All around Physical and Mental Effects of Alcohol Concerning. 2017.

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