Essay on Disciplinary Problems

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Date:  2022-05-12


In the workplace, employers are faced with different disciplinary cases involving the employees; as a result, typical actions need to be undertaken to address the issues. We understand that incorporate word, the employees' discipline conduct influences the performance of the organization, and in that case, the employer has to contemplate on the effective ways to mitigate the mater. Based on this research we analyze the employer's responsibility of considering whether to terminate the employee's package that has been found culpable to having indiscipline conduct instead of taking the effort and time to go through the progressive disciplinary process.

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According to Bratton and Gold (2017), progressive discipline process is an effective way of dealing with the employees disciplinary matters. This approach provides a room where the employee can offer warning letters to the culprit, take them through the ethics and moral codes that govern the workplace and offer them room for improvement. An employer can only consider terminating the employee if his or her moral conducts are deemed to be a felony or breach of criminal or civil laws whereby, in that case, the federal government is involved (Reiche et al., 2016). The suspension can also be included in this approach but only under extreme circumstances. This approach implies that the employees will learn from their past deeds, utilize the ethics and moral codes and feel being privileged by the company and their duties to the company appreciated (Brewster, 2017).

Although, Bratton and Gold (2017) argue that an organization can consider offering a termination package rather than going through this long progressive discipline process. The management decides to hire and fire without having to explain to anyone because this saves time. The implication involved this kind of approach is that employees will feel that their side pleading for mercy and room for change is not offered, and also the employer can mistakenly fire an employee for unclear reasons.


To wind up the discussion, the use of progressive discipline process seems to be applicable and friendly in our case, and the termination of the contract without proper procedure due to mere disciplinary matters would affect the organization by restraining it to rattan its milestone as scheduled. As people would be fired and hired unnecessarily the organization's operation will move slowly.


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